Mint was a Disappointment!

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In the end contrary to what I have said before Linux Mint turned out to be a big disappointment especially on older hardware and the newer versions as after a month or so usage it managed to pick up a glitch which disabled the wireless card. This is contrast to a Debian Linux I use on other old hardware which has been working over a year without one major glitch or driver issues.

I should of expected that I would have problems with Linux Mint as it is an Ubuntu based Linux and I have had little success using any Ubuntu based Linux on any computer as it always ends up failing due to some glitch or driver failure after a few months which has resulted in myself replacing the Ubuntu with another distribution Linux.

In the end I have done the one thing I should of done in the first place which was to load on a Debian based Linux, in this case Crunchbang, and modified to desktop so it was easily used by someone who is coming from a Windows xp. This turned out to be easier than I expected and the resulting desktop and operating system will be far more stable and maintenance free.

Basically Ubuntu based Linux’s have always been a disappointment my end and I have had no end of problems with stability and speed on older hardware. I should of expected this with Linux Mint but I had a faint hope it was free of such problems which turned out to be wrong in the end.

So now I recommend that anyone thinking of using Linux on older hardware avoid using any Ubuntu based Linux’s and try other Linux distributions especially those using Debian and light desktops for example Openbox but not likes of Gnome 2 or 3.

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Ubuntu and Steam Missed the Boat!

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Two years when Microsoft released Windows 8 to a very sceptical even hostile current Window users who frankly did not like the new look to Windows and still do not which damaged hardware sales and helped the rise of the tablet in the computer market.

Microsoft was most definitely on the ropes a year ago it’s very future as a serious software and operating system creators under question and both Ubuntu and Steam stepped up the mark in an attempt to usurp Microsoft’s position in the domestic computer market.

But two years later Ubuntu is still a minor player in the domestic computer market and Steam are still developing their Linus based operating system which was supposed to break into the Windows Gaming market.

Basically both are still in the same position minor players and Microsoft has kept it strangle hold on the domestic computer market backed by the retailers and hardware manufactures. Plus Microsoft is starting to regain some of it’s lost share of the market and actually reversing some of the disastrous modification in Windows 9.

Both Ubuntu and Steam have missed the boat and blown their chances of usurping Microsoft because they could not act fast or decisively enough when Microsoft was down and out. In the end they have made themselves insignificant because of their lack of action and dragging their feet when they needed to be bold and more decisive!

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Mint is a Good Direction to Go

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As Windows xp users are slowly thinking about changing computers or those who have old hardware which frankly is very serviceable and only made useless by the Windows inefficiency of use of hardware should consider an alternative to Windows 8 and Apple.

One alternative which should be considered which will both give the Windows xp users an interface which they are familiar with and not have to abandon their old hardware which on the whole is still very serviceable and far from the end of its life is to replace the Windows xp on the computer with Linux Mint with xfce desktop.

This also has the added advantage in these times where money is short it will save the Windows xp user money as they will not have to buy new hardware and pay over the odds for an operating system which frankly not liked by the majority of users.

Why do I say this?

Because I have already done this for a friend who was given an old laptop running Windows xp which would have to be thrown away because frankly when it was running Windows it life span as a viable computer had come to end not because of the hardware but software.

But I installed Linux Mint with xfce desktop on the said laptop which breathed life back to the hardware and produced a laptop which was usable because it ran fast enough to be used again.

The friend in question now uses the laptop more than his Windows desktop simply because it is more stable and usable than his Windows computer with little or no problems simply because the xfce desktop is so similar to the Windows xp desktop with few minor differences.

Would I recommend that all Windows xp users do this?

The answer is yes especially if the user is just someone who uses their computer for browsing the internet, basic word processing and collecting their email as it will mean it will save them money and they will not have to go through the trauma and headache of learning the new Windows 8 desktop which frankly is very messy and user unfriendly!

Oh, the one other big advantage is the days of the constant battle with viruses and malware users are having with Window computers while surfing the internet will be greatly reduced even eliminated when the users go to Linux Mint. Basically the Windows xp user can surf the internet for a first time in a long while safely.

A good place to start is at the Linux Mint site and follow the download link and download the xfce desktop version of Linux Mint: Linux Mint

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Linux is Still Making Computing Fun!

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With all the user disqualification and disappointment with Microsoft Windows 8 it seams I must be one of few users who still finds messing around with computers both fun and challenging outside of Apple users.

My secret being that I use Linux on my computers along with a growing number of users who are discovering same as me that Linux brings back something long been missing in computing which is fun and innovation.

At the same time as those users who still believe the lies that Microsoft is the standard and only operating system on computers myself and others who are prepared to break this mould and experiment with Linux and it’s derivatives have found we end up with a better experience with our computers in general.

We are free from the constant problems associated with Microsoft Windows which include constant maintenance, virus attacks and updates which both fix problems and cause more problems which has allowed us to actually move on from fighting the software to actually do things new with their computers.

It has allowed me to do things with my computer which I could of only dreamed of on a Windows Computer and allowed me to use my computer as a creative tool without the worry of an operating system constantly causing me problems.

As I have said before Linux brings fun back to computing!

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Linux: A Wonderful Tool to the Mind Active!

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One thing I am finding using Linux is that is wonderful tool to keep my mind active as every month of so I learn something new which even at my age is something which I still enjoy. This is something I would of never got if I either used an Apple or Windows computers.

A recent example being a recent update of Crunchbang which messed up the display driver on both my desktop and laptop I had to figure out how to fix it which with a spark of inspiration I fixed it hence I once again learned something new.

Linux may be a remarkably stable operating system from my personal experience it is also good operating system to learn the ins and outs of operating systems and software in general something much needed by people who want to work or still work in the computer industry in general. Once again something both Apple and Windows Computers fail to do as their operating systems and software tend to be closed and difficult to learn from because of their basic nature.

One final thing for someone my age or general enthusiast it keeps minds active staving off the lethargy caused by inactive mind. As I said before it brings back the fun in computing and allows people to explore computers and software at a lower level.

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New Dark Desktop!

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It has been one of those weekends so far when I have been a bit restless so I have been messing around with the desktop on my main desktop again.

As the desktop goes across two screen which sadly a different size and one had the same desktop as my laptop which really did not sit well with the other desktop as it was too light I went back to deviant art web site and found a more fitting desktop.

I like the resulting desktop is shown below:

scrappy-doo desktop 5th October 2013

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Living With Linux and Without Windows!

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All I can say since I ditched Microsoft Windows off my computers and replaced it with Linux on all my computers at home I have not looked back. I know I have said this before but it is worth repeating so those people out of there who are still scared but want to change gets the message.

Basically since I changed at home to using exclusively using Linux, in my case Crunchbang Linux, on my computers I have done more with my computers than I ever did when I used Microsoft’s Windows and found it even easier to do so than under Windows.

In the last year on my Linux Computers I have created my homepage, hosted the web site and blog on one Linux Computer, potentially dj both onto the internet and Second Life and finally just use computers as I would of done under windows. All this frankly would have been far more difficult and if anything impossible using Windows as I did try and give up in the past.

I would also like to emphasise here the last point I can use my Linux Computers exactly the same as my previous Windows Computers that is to serf the internet, write using a word processor, get emails even read documents without the usual constant maintenance you get when using a Windows Program.

What I am saying both for range of users from the light user to a demanding user like myself Linux should be first choice because of it’s stability and now sheer usability now even for those users who are not experienced users.

Linux certainly comes into it’s own for users like myself as it has allowed me to experiment and learn more about computers, and software something which Windows never allowed me to do easily. Over the past year I have done more and been more creative on my computer than I was ever on my Windows computer!

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