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This must the pinnacle of irony as the Linux community are moaning about the fact that Value and a number of other computer gaming companies are going to produce games for Linux because of the disquiet these companies have about Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8.

And what are they moaning about?

The fact that Valve and the other gaming companies are going to charge for the games which some within the Linux community claim is against the spirit of Linux which I personally find a very arrogant and shorted sighted view on these peoples part.

If they actually got off their high horses and looked at what was happening if these companies actually make and sell these games for Linux it will encourage people to actually look at Linux as a serious alternative to both Windows and Apple. Considering that most game players are students, e.g. young, who are the future innovators, managers and the such in industry, it will mean they will have an early expose to Linux which will lead to a more open mind to Linux when when they actually work.

So rather than being a bad thing as far as some of the Linux community is concerned, if anything it will be a good thing for Linux as it will give it more not less exposure to the main stream computer market. Plus there is a simple matter of economics to produce the games the computer companies have to make money which is basic way the world works!

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