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I think it is high time I mentioned here again as recently it opened it’s doors again to new members without invitation after being closed because of those sad individuals who really thought it was a good idea to clutter the social web site with spam.

Though will only remain none invitation as long as people remember that spam is not welcome full stop. So warning to the spammers out there do not spoil it for other people as we are not interested in your ware and leave such spam at home!

So why should someone even bother with a small social web site like

Simple it is because it is small, personal and definitely has a very friendly regular members some of which are very talented and most definitely entertaining.

But the most redeeming feature of is the fact it is a privately run social network, donations are always welcome, which has no adverts, no shareholders or commercial companies anywhere near it.

Basically is what a real social network should be somewhere where people can talk, share pictures, share music and the such in a relaxed and real network!

To find this truly different social network follow the link and join a real social network with real people.

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What has become very clear from my experience both on and Second Life that some people are finding them very scary places because they have to actually socially interact with people on both of the said social networks!

This does highlight one major flow in modern man world over with ease of communication now modern man has lost the basic social skills we all once had to a point they are lost when they are faced with a real social situation even on a social web site.

How this situation actually happened is still a mystery to me but it could be due to a large part people spend more time at home in front of the television watching the world rather than interacting with the world itself. Add to this children now spend more time indoors either in front of a television or playing games on computers or games consults rather than actually going out and playing with other children as they did in my day.

I think this has produced a generation which are socially stunted incapable of actually holding a proper conversion with someone and it really shows in the way they talk to someone or more like they now talk at someone rather than listening to each other.

All this further exasperated by a media which encourages a shallow society which is more concerned with trivial matters than real social interaction between people. Even social networks like Facebook encourage such reactions between people nowadays.

So I should not be surprised when modern people when confronted with a real social web site, for example or Second Life they are totally lost or scared as they really do not have the social skills people like myself were taught when we were younger.

And what do they do? They run away like all modern people from something they do not understand rather than learn something new which could be potentially very useful and rewarding to themselves!

One thing the small social private network True Friends has shown me and others is that it is not the size of the social network but the people who make up a social network which make the social network itself.

It strikes me that the major social networks, for example Facebook and Twitter, have forgotten this singular fact and it shows in their social networks which tend now to be very bland and empty with little real feeling behind them. You might say they are not very clinical in what they do to a point it has destroyed their original proposes as social web sites.

My personal view is that Mark Zuckerbug has got the basic nature of social networks and way people interact socially totally wrong from the start. Basically people do not want public lives played on the internet on the likes of Facebook but to find new friends and communities there something lacking in so called in the real world around them.

What the likes of True Friends shows is the direction of social networks should follow this patten of way people actually socialise in so much we form small communities of people with similar interests or complement each other which interact in a more real and personal level providing a much needed community, be it on-line, people need.

I know I have said this before especially with relation with Second Life but from personal experience and observation of the people around me it is exactly what people need are not big impersonal social networks but smaller more personal social networks which reflects the way people actually socialise.

True Friends shows the way social networks should develop in the future in so much in smaller more personal networks and the developers of such networks should concentrate on the tools which allow the creation of these smaller social networks and allow the interaction between these smaller networks themselves.

I know I have blogged about before praising it’s benefits but I thought it needed another mention as it as a social web site is worth the effort.

True Friends still is a small but very active and vibrate private social network open to all those who are brave enough to venture there. It’s whole nature encourages a real on-line community of people something which we all need in this impersonal and isolating modern world of ours.

It fills a much needed gap not filled by major social networks like Facebook and Twitter which both due to their size and nature have lost some of their sparkle and ability to actually be true social web sites. In both cases both Facebook and Twitter have allowed their own greed and corporate natures influence their networks much to their own and users detriments.

Personally I do not see the future of real Social Networks in the likes of Facebook or Twitter but in smaller and more personal Social Networks which serve their users far better. It’s a basic fact that people cope with smaller communities far better and enjoy them more than the large faceless communities in which they are small fish in impersonal sea of people.

For those who want to check out or plunge into a real Social Network just follow the link to

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After the demise of Anybeat a lot of the old members decided to go to Facebook and try to keep up the old spirit of the old Anybeat Social Web site in the impersonal world of Facebook. It sort of worked but as always with all that goes with Facebook the old feeling of Anybeat was lost but luckily not forever.

As one of the old Anybeater’s off their own back decided to create a small and more personal social web site called True Friends and invited the few people from Anybeat on Facebook to join, Sadly not all took up the invitation but to be frank they have ended up the losers.

I am not saying that True Friends is another Anybeat as that would be two much to expect but it like Anybeat it is a unique Social Web Site who unlike the larger social web sites, for example Facebook and Google+, has a personal touch sadly lacking in the larger social web sites.

True Friends is never going to be biggest social web site in the world but it has something the rest do not have a real community of people something sadly lacking in this modern world of ours. I would recommend it to those people out there who wanted to talk to real people and real things but I would not recommend it to those who just want to dip their toes in the world of social web sites.

So if you are game and want a real social experience just follow the link:

Please Note: If want to view my Second Life Journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.

Please Note: If want to view a Second Life Wikipedia then go to the Encyclopedia Umbra Machina.