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Over recent months have have loaded a series of Linux operating systems on my old PC at home to see how they work and how easy they are to use on my old PC which frankly is not of the highest of specifications and around 10 years old.

I have been through the usual suspects of Linux like Ubuntu, Mint Linux to more unusual ones which included Pinguy OS and Peppermint Ice but all either were slow to boot up/work or they contained some very annoying glitches in important parts of the operating system itself.

Then I thought I would try a very new build Linux called Bodhi Linux which is so new it is still version 1.0.0! It loaded up onto my old PC very easily and it most importantly it booted up quickly. The whole experience was a revelation to myself knowing what Linux is like.

Bodhi Linux is a very light weight Linux based upon Ubuntu with the minimum needed to run the operating system to which you add any software you require after you have installed it on your PC. It also uses a front end called Enlightenment 17 and not the usual Gnome end of must Linux releases out there. This does make the desktop of Bohdi Linux very customisable indeed so you can set up the desktop how you want it is a definite feature of this Linux.

All in all Bodhi Linux is has to be one of the better Linux releases currently out there for a long time it’s only real flaw being Enlightenment 17 desktop itself  which to be frank could be a little confusing to less technically minded users out there though Bodhi Linux does get around this by providing a few default desktops on installation.

Other than this Bodhi Linux is a very fast, relatively stable and very usable Linux even for those ardent Window users. I would currently recommend it as a Linux it may have few bugs in it currently due to being a new release but I suspect it has a bright future as an Linux.

Bodhi Linux can be found at the following web site well worth a visit:



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