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I am sick and tried of the constant twisters of the truth especially those who do it for their own person ends and agendas rather than putting across a real argument for and against a particular point.

Currently with new Conservative government here in the United Kingdom both sides are posting claims and counter claims that the government is or is not going to do certain things with benefits, civil liberties to a point I must not only one who is having trouble who just to believe any more.

My message to both sides is stop your twisting of the truth as you are muddying potentially important issues for the United Kingdom and not say anything until you know what is going on. Plus add to this both sides are damaging any credibility of the arguments made and people making them.

But as always this reflects the modern way of doing things even debating over important issues in so much people now cannot argue their case without twisting the base truth even blatant story telling and not being straight. Basically once again highlights we in our modern world accept behaviours which are blatantly wrong and immoral.

It is time we started to tell people to start to be more truthful and up front with their arguments as in the end things will be sorted out much easier without the petty and pointless arguments which keep side tracking people from the true issues.

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