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If the recent Neutrino Experiments at Cern in Switzerland prove to be correct and some Neutrinos have travelled faster than the speed of light then one of the most fundamental laws of modern Physics have been broken by the Neutrinos!

The current Laws of Physics currently state that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light and the only reason why a Neutrino can actually can travel at the speed of light is because it has zero mass. So if this Neutrino has travelled faster than speed of light then it has just turned the current modern Physics view of the Universe on it head.

This to the man in the street will mean very little as it will not really change their view of the world around them but it could eventually it could change their life in a big way even giving humanity a chance finally to go to the stars.

As for the Physicists it will give them a whole new set of questions to answer and explore about the way the Universe works. It will open up a whole new avenue to research leading to new and potentially useful things for humanity as a whole.

The Science Fiction writes will love the discovery as it brings the stories of Faster Than Life Travel and exploration of the stars by man they wrote about nearer to being a reality.

If the Neutrino has indeed travelled faster than the speed of life we have just witnessed the first great discovery of the 21st Century though if it turns out to be a storm in a tea pot and something else has occurred or error it will still generate more questions to be asked by Physicists in general. This will spark more research in the world of Physics which will be good both for Physics, Science and Humanity in general.

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