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Last week at my Works Christmas Meal for a short time everyone remembered for a short time why playing games, even as an adult, is magical and brings people closer together both personally and socially because of playing the game itself. The game was an entertaining card game called ‘Cards Against Humanity: UK edition’ which made everyone laugh and enjoy evening more.

It reminded me of the fact that our modern world has on the whole lost that simple magic of playing games even telling stories to each other something our an ancestors did regularly to pass on history, knowledge and even just for fun. Stories and games then were an important way people bound together their communities even their whole society.

But this is something which has been forgotten in our modern world strangely by our modern media which gives us a better window to the world, knowledge even games but even if so called interactive it lacks one major thing it is remote by it very nature. Taking Television for example all we do is sit in front of a screen passively with no real face to face interaction between the participants themselves.

This has meant that that something important has been lost in our modern world something which helped to bind us together as people as now playing games and listening to stories has become a passive and remote affair losing the magic of face to face interaction between the people playing the game or the story teller and the listeners.

My personal view this is extremely bad for the people of the modern world as now because people rarely listen to story tellers face to face or play games face to face, we are talking board and card games, they are losing a direct connection with people, their society and humanity itself. This having the detrimental effect of disconnecting people from each other, their society and humanity itself.

Everyone should make the effort to listen to story tellers and play games socially more as it will being back magic to our lives and a much missing fun and colour back into our modern world.

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Stories are Important!

Posted: 9 November, 2013 in Comment, Life, Stories

What has always made me sad about the modern world is the real lack of stories and even the telling of stories which has always made me feel the modern world has lost something important.

Yes we do have television and films which tell stories but they lack something found both in books and telling of a story by someone a personal connection between the writer or teller of the story and his audience.

We in the modern world have lost something which brought people together to listen to someone telling a story where the magic of the storyteller wove a story which bound people together as a group in a shared experience. This something a film never can do as it creators are remote to the audience and film cannot hope to create such magic.

I am not saying films are bad but I am saying our modern world has lost something with the loss of storytellers a magic and something which bound people together.

As a final note this lack of storytellers also has meant a major loss of something in our society through which we learnt about our own society and traditions. This still occurs in so called less civilized people who still use stories in such ways and unlike our modern world their cultures and societies are stronger because of it.

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Where Have the Stories Gone?

Posted: 29 March, 2012 in Comment, Life, Stories

In this modern world of ours with a media industry both music, film and television who are so focused on money rather than actually producing something new, thought provoking and entertaining they produce the same style of products which they know will sell producing a very sterile environment in the media in general. Add to this the modern attitude that people are far to lazy to actually to think and use their imagination wanting everything handed to them on a plate now!

We have ended up with a modern world which is devoid of colour, imagination and that certain thing which makes us human different. As I said before both governments and corporations love people stay like this as they easier to control and sell too but we have lost knack of being human in the process.

In the end I have to ask where have the stories gone?

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