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Ollie Has a Devil Inside Him!

Posted: 18 October, 2015 in Dogs, Life

Even after over 2 years of having Ollie, a rescue Springer Spaniel, he still has one really bad habit in so much that if he gets hold of something like a sock, piece of paper and the such sometimes he becomes very over possessive to a point he will snap at us. He literary become a different dog with very dilated pupils and not his loving self.

This behaviour has got less and at first we thought it was all because he wanted constant attention from us because of the fact he was a rescue dog who did not have a very good start to his life. We did expect this as we encountered some issues with our first rescue dog, Kali, which eventually stopped being issues.

But in the case of Ollie we are coming to conclusion that this behaviour is not exactly normal if anything abnormal even for a Springer Spaniel and we are start to suspect that his early life was not that good if anything has effected him in extremely bad way.

This behaviour can be a bit worrying at times but now we know it is happening it is something we can do something about with some tend loving care and not a reason to give up on him. Other than this Ollie is becoming a very loving, soppy and loyal dog who is pleasure to have in our lives even when he is annoying.

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