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Windows 10 now has been out for a few months and used in anger by a large number of users out there it has become very apparent it is a step forward not step backwards for normal users out there. A step forward which has been long overdue for domestic Window users as it is certainly more functional and usable than Windows 8 ever was.

Basically Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been a real improvement on the previous to previous versions of Windows which kept the much loved desktop with the start button and menu. Add to this they have actually made the improvements in the background which include a smaller footprint and performance improvements.

The upshot of which because of where I currently work on a Tech Desk we are noticing less complaints and issues from Window 10 users simply by the fact people simply return less because of issues with their computers other than usual teething issues of a new operating system which is to be expected.

But as always there are dark clouds associated with Windows 10 due to Microsoft and the way it does business and treats it’s users which may of softened a bit but still has an unhealthy edge to it. Microsoft is still very high handed with way it does it business and told a lot of half truths about Windows 10 especially to the business customers.

The biggest lie Microsoft has told it’s business customers is the fact that they can stop updates of Windows 10 but it turns out that in the end business users can only defer not stop updates. This regardless of the potential issues this could cause business users with software compatibility and stability of the computers. After all some business users are far more demanding than domestic users and expect their computer systems to be reliable as their business depend on this fact.

Add on top of this Microsoft downloading Windows 10 onto people’s computers using Windows 7 and 8 regardless of the fact that person in question informed Microsoft they did not want to upgrade to Windows 10 either by saying no or ignoring the upgrade prompt. This has caused some major issues with people who are using mobile broadband because of it size and also smacks as high pressure selling on Microsoft’s part.

All this once again highlights that Microsoft attitude to users has not improved if anything they have got better at hiding it behind a better media and advertising smokescreen which once again ruining a real step forward in their main product Windows 10.

In conclusion Windows 10 is a step forward but as always Microsoft itself is still same as it is always been putting business before it’s users which I find saddest of all!

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As Windows xp users are slowly thinking about changing computers or those who have old hardware which frankly is very serviceable and only made useless by the Windows inefficiency of use of hardware should consider an alternative to Windows 8 and Apple.

One alternative which should be considered which will both give the Windows xp users an interface which they are familiar with and not have to abandon their old hardware which on the whole is still very serviceable and far from the end of its life is to replace the Windows xp on the computer with Linux Mint with xfce desktop.

This also has the added advantage in these times where money is short it will save the Windows xp user money as they will not have to buy new hardware and pay over the odds for an operating system which frankly not liked by the majority of users.

Why do I say this?

Because I have already done this for a friend who was given an old laptop running Windows xp which would have to be thrown away because frankly when it was running Windows it life span as a viable computer had come to end not because of the hardware but software.

But I installed Linux Mint with xfce desktop on the said laptop which breathed life back to the hardware and produced a laptop which was usable because it ran fast enough to be used again.

The friend in question now uses the laptop more than his Windows desktop simply because it is more stable and usable than his Windows computer with little or no problems simply because the xfce desktop is so similar to the Windows xp desktop with few minor differences.

Would I recommend that all Windows xp users do this?

The answer is yes especially if the user is just someone who uses their computer for browsing the internet, basic word processing and collecting their email as it will mean it will save them money and they will not have to go through the trauma and headache of learning the new Windows 8 desktop which frankly is very messy and user unfriendly!

Oh, the one other big advantage is the days of the constant battle with viruses and malware users are having with Window computers while surfing the internet will be greatly reduced even eliminated when the users go to Linux Mint. Basically the Windows xp user can surf the internet for a first time in a long while safely.

A good place to start is at the Linux Mint site and follow the download link and download the xfce desktop version of Linux Mint: Linux Mint

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Considering the growing dislike of Microsoft Windows 8 amongst domestic users as they get to use it everyday and with prospect of business taking up Microsoft Windows 8 which currently not good it got me wondering just why Microsoft are being so persistent at trying to push users to use their new operating system?

I understand that Microsoft have invested heavily in Windows 8 development which in itself is very mystifying as it has not gone unnoticed to likes of myself that Windows 8 has same base as Windows 7 with a few major tweaks regardless of the fact Microsoft claim it is a brand new operating system.

But this constant tweaking Microsoft is doing to Windows 8 to make it acceptable to it’s jaded users must be costing them a fortune as every developer knows it takes a lot more time and cost to modify software after its release. Add to this the fact they are now starting to add features which were removed from Windows 8 and existed in previous versions of Windows because of the user outcry and dislike of look and feel of Windows 8.

I must not be only one out there in real world is starting to think with reception Windows 8 and variants have had, plus the lack of enthusiasm of business world to take up of the operating system are starting to wonder just why Microsoft just cut their losses and simply produce an upgrade of existing Windows 7, and earlier operating systems, which users like and now comfortable with on computers.

Microsoft’s actions to force users in one go to change their operating system has failed big time as users can be extremely set in their ways. If Microsoft had been really paying attention the market over the years they would of known users were very conservative as if they were not the likes of Linux would have had a bigger foot hold in the market already!

Plus those executives and decision makers within Microsoft had been actually observing the Linux world would of seen a similar problem Ubuntu and Gnome 3 had being accepted within the Linux world because of the use of an application based desktop. Basically Linux users simply do not like these sort of desktops on computers to a point much like Microsoft Ubuntu is having to reintroduce features they took out which were from previous versions of Ubuntu.

Personally it is high time Microsoft stopped flogging the dead horse called Windows 8 much like ME and vista before it and swallow their pride as if they continue to follow the current cause of Windows 8 they are heading for a disaster or difficult times ahead especially within business aide of computing as Windows 8 is really not up for the job of serious computing.

All I can say Microsoft stop flogging the head horse called Windows 8 as it really not worth the effort any more!

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It seams that once again Microsoft have done a bit of a u-turn on Windows XP yet again rather than finally announcing the end of Windows XP virus warning on the 8th April 2014 instead they announced they were extending such warning until the 14th July 2015.

All because around of 30% of both domestic and commercial users still use Microsoft Windows XP even 12 years after it’s launch jointly because of failure of Vista and the inability of such users to adapt the way they use their computers to later versions of Windows both 7 and 8.

Basically after Windows XP Microsoft shot themselves in the foot by radically changing their operating system rather than previously when their operating systems were true upgrades so users found it much easier to migrate.

Add to this that each of Microsoft’s subsequent operating systems after XP have been pale reflections of XP in so much all have been less stable and usable. Microsoft in trying to improve their operating systems by rewriting them, especially with Vista, to make them faster and more secure have created a batch of operating systems which are frankly not up to the job unlike Windows XP was.

As I have said before it is going to be interesting for Microsoft when these Windows XP users finally have to stop using their computers as they are certainly not going to upgrade to later versions of Microsoft Window’s Operating Systems considering their dislike of such operating systems.

If anything as a group they are going to more open to using other operating systems as after all they are going have to change their software they run anyway. Plus they already have a very negative view of Microsoft’s later operating systems to a point they rather stick with 12-year old operating system rather then upgrade.

If Microsoft do nothing about these user they are potentially going to lose more share of the operating system market both on the domestic and commercial sides. We already know Microsoft will not do anything as they are so arrogant they assume there users will come round and everyone else know they will not such is their determination.

It is a testament to the Microsoft Software Engineers who created Windows XP as it is still being used some 12 years later and still much loved by it users even with it little problems here and there. Something has to be put in context here as an operating system Windows XP is not old fashioned as such considering likes of Linux are modifications to older UNIX operating systems which now are some 20 years plus old.

Basically the life spans of base operating systems and software can be measured in decades not years as the media would like you to believe. This mainly because software developers now rarely create new base software but improve on existing software because it is a lot easier and cost effective which again something lost by media in general.

Personally Microsoft rather than keep putting back Windows XP demise should actually modify Windows XP to work with newer hardware and devices as after all it would give them a better chance to keep the large majority of the current XP users. Plus they may actually regain their share of the market they have lost due to their newer operating systems.

But sadly Microsoft will continue presence course and cut lose their loyal Windows XP users without a thought.

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This year Microsoft’s support for Windows XP ends leaving all of them high and dry without any support though normally this would not be a problem but Windows XP users are very loyal to the operating system itself mainly because it has been one of the best and reliable operating systems created by Microsoft.

I know for me that is a very strange thing to say but personally Windows XP does have its problems but of all the Microsoft Operating Systems it was very reliable, robust and most importantly easy to use. After Windows XP Microsoft’s operating systems have gone downhill both in usability and efficiency of resource usage to a point it is absolutely ridiculous in Windows 8.1!

This stopping of support of Windows XP by Microsoft is going to cause major problems with the XP users as they are very loyal to the operating system and like the interface and feel of the operating system and bar a few are very dubious about Windows 8.1 especially because of it’s looks, feel and lack of real usability.

My personal recommendation to these Windows XP users who do not want to use the later versions of Windows is to take the plunge and move to Linux especially those distributions which use desktops which look similar to Windows XP so the learning curve in the switch is minimal. Add to this it would also mean the Windows XP user would not have to change their hardware as if anything the Linux will give their old hardware a new lease of life.

There will be those Windows XP users out there who will say that such a change would mean they could not run software they currently use but this would of also be true if they were to upgrade to Windows 8.1 as they would have to change the software anyway so they would be in the same position.

The other worry some Windows XP users will have is the loss of data in the change of operating system which simply will not happen as Linux will still read the Windows files and large majority of associated Open Source software will allow the import of Windows files so not a real problem.

In conclusion I recommend that Windows XP take the plunge and convert to Linux especially those Linux Distributions which use similar desktops to Windows XP as they will find they will continue to use computer with a familiar desktop and use their existing hardware saving them money and heart ache in the long run.

Finally the Linux distribution I would recommend because of it’s closeness to Windows XP in looks with a wide availability of easy to use Open Source packages and the fact it works on old hardware so well is Linux Mint with the xfce desktop which can be found following the link

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I am still waiting for people in general to wake up to what a joke Microsoft Windows operating systems have become in so much of all the operating systems currently on the market as it is the only operating system you have to pay for and what do you get for your money?

An operating system whose older versions are so full of security holes and exploits even with the best security software are very susceptible to attack plus the fact the newer versions both difficult to use or do anything cleaver with them.

What makes the newer version even more of the joke is the fact that every other operating system works out of the box but Microsoft Windows 8 simply does not. The most common thing people want to do is watch a dvd easy on any other operating system not Windows 8 where the user has actually download an application from Microsoft to play a dvd!

I know I am boring people with this but it has to be said until users wake up to the fact just how poor Microsoft Windows as a product is and wake up to the fact that there are real alternatives including Apple.

For change to take place people have to start to demand a change or things will remain the same and they will continue to have to suffer the problems of Microsoft Windows and nothing will ever change for the better!

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After yet another story on Read Write about Microsoft’s current problems it seams their troubles will be far from over when Steve Ballmer goes!

It now seems 3 major investors now are also sighting Bill Gates as also the source of Microsoft’s problems and they also want him off the board of Microsoft. I found this very ironic as it was Bill Gates at the start of Microsoft who pushed the corporation forward.

But it seams, like Steve Ballmer, that Bill Gates has held back the company in recent years and he is responsible for Microsoft’s current slipping position within the computer world.

I must not be only one who is observing Microsoft current problems who think that the investors are blaming everyone else or looking for scape goats rather doing something about Microsoft’s problems which have been caused by the investors themselves whose own greed pushed Microsoft into it’s current position.

What is coming very clear to myself Microsoft may have been the biggest supplier of operating systems and office software with some sidelines including gaming consoles with absolutely nothing new in the pipeline other than much of the same legacy software re-imaged for tablets devices.

Frankly Microsoft in it’s current state cannot survive as the momentum of Open Source Software and Operating Systems increases especially in Europe where governments are actively removing Microsoft Windows of their computers in place of Linux especially in France and Germany.

Sadly I see nothing changing within Microsoft even with new leadership as their problems are so ingrained into their very culture a new leader will have impossible job of changing this culture. At the moment Microsoft days are numbered along with other big computer companies as the computer world moves on into other more innovative and usable technologies!

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