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While sitting in The Blarney Stone Bar in Dublin within Second Life generally enjoying a quiet time watch people within Second Life something struck me as tad distasteful and most definitely distasteful.

A number of the Avatars who walked into the Bar were sporting group tags which were blatant adverts for builders products!

I have never had problems with clubs or DJs having tags as it has always been part of Second Life and most people are sensible to change their tags when they are in other clubs or out and about. I have no problem with people using group tags as personal affiliations to groups within Second Life but it is the thin end of the wedge when builders use tags to advertise their wares.

We are assaulted with constant advertising real life of companies selling their wares if we like it or not and I personally object and don’t like builders doing the same within Second Life where I would like to escape this for a short while!

Add the fact these people are providing these builders free advertising so more fool these Residents who do this within Second Life as they are being subtly used by the builders in question!

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