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With the recent actions of Russian Federation in the Ukraine with the illegal annexation of the Crimea and the continued ineffectiveness of the United States to influence the situation, if anything the Russian Federation blatantly ignored them got me thing about both of these so called Super Powers.

In so much it struck me that the time of both United States and Russian Federation (ex-U.S.S.R.) as real Super Powers of the world has passed and the both simply are trying to hold on to something they has simply passed much like the Cold War did in the late 1990s.

Each of the Super Powers are trying to keep their positions in different ways with United States messing in other countries politics when not welcome while the Russian Federation uses blatant military power to keep it influence in it’s region even in the case of the Russian Federation invading neighbouring countries because they have chosen to turn towards the West away from Russia itself.

It is high time both United States and the Russian Federation, both who my have massive military, realised they are not the Super Powers they once were as the world has moved on from the Cold War especially in Europe.

The World is not about how big your army or super power blogs any more but simply economic power which seams far more effective way for nations to damage each other. After all the Russian Federation my of illegally annexed Crimea but the price it has paid economically will send the message the world will not accept it behaviour more effectively than military action would of ever done.

But my personal view is the world has to be very vigilant of both ex-Super Powers, yes this includes the United States, as each loses it power and influence over the world, they will be at their most dangerous as they grimly cling on to their power especially those within power in both nations!

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