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It seams our modern world has run full circle to a world of yesterday in so much it is world which is driven by fear rather then innovation and an expectation of a better future.

This all shows in our media which constantly bombards us with images of just how terrible the world is beset by famine, war, violence, religious intolerance and finally economic woes which never seem to resolve themselves. All this adds to the fear people have for the modern world in general which perpetuates the problems like war, violence and the such.

It now colour our everyday interactions with people who now are constantly on the defensive because they think the world is a fearful place with everyone out to get them. It now makes our modern societies less pleasant places to live as the general level of intolerance and aggression have increased.

What I find really ironic in all this if we actually ignored what our media said, actually used our own eyes and wonderful communication tool we have called the Internet we would find that the world is far from this place full of violence, hate and the such.

I am not saying that our world is free from such things as sadly man has a very self destructive nature and tendency towards voice but it has to be put into proportion to what people actually doing everyday all over the world in so much making a living, looking after their families and trying to find a happiness or at least contentment in a safe environment.

To be fair a large proportion of the World’s population live their lives quietly even enjoying what life gives them it just seams we have a minority both within the media and population world wide who are intent to spread their hate, fears and bile regardless of the fact that large majority of people are really not interested.

As always it is a vocal minority who spoils it for the majority who actually get on living and not bellyaching over matters which frankly have little relevance to their lives any more.

Personally it it high time the media took a long hard look at itself and stop putting ratings over the truth as currently they are largely responsible for this over exaggerated dark picture of the world. But as always money and greed wins over truth regardless of the cost to integrity, honesty, pride and professionalism.

It seams our media now also puts a good story before the truth after all the truth does not sell and it is not as exciting as the fabrication or half-truths!
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