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The biggest problem long term Second Life Residents suffer are the bad manors of a large number of new Residents who think it quite acceptable to abuse fellow Residents or as simple as not to say please and thank you.

I wonder if they would do this in their real lives or on other Social Web sites and I know for a fact that they would not as they would be quickly chastised by others. So this begs the question why do they think such behaviour is acceptable within Second Life?

After all there are real people behind the Avatars with real feelings even if the world around the Avatar is a Virtual World who will get hurt and upset with people both being rude and abusive to them. All this a perfectly normal human reaction to such actions. Then the offenders are very surprised when they get chastised or get an angry reaction form the person they offend!

Some of this comes down to the fact they think it is a game or not real so such behaviour is totally acceptable within Second Life. Their bad behaviour can also include actually stealing items form Builders or fellow Residents because they think it is fine to do that.

But due to the nature of Second Life as a community be it in a Virtual World such behaviour is totally unacceptable and as the real world starts to accept the existence of Virtual Worlds they could start to find themselves on the wrong side of Real Life law, if not already so in the case of stealing builders virtual items!

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