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I remember once when Role-Playing Companies produced real and self-contained rule books and source books and not as they do now splitting the rule books and source material across a number of books along with current trend to even selling you special dice!

Personally this is dirty trick as it costs people more to get all the required material to play a role-playing game and fools them into buying unnecessary dice.

But this tend reflects the way we do business nowadays in so much why sell someone one book when two or more books will do and our profits go up.

At a time when Role-Playing is not as popular as it once once and need to encourage new players, the whole industry seams more intent on making more expensive to start the hobby.

My personal view is that this trend should be stopped by the companies and they treat players more fairly after with a workable core rule/source book people will still buy more books and not like myself feel we are being taken a ride by the Role-Playing Companies.

It also highlight a common malaise with some modern Role-Players in so much they have not figured out it takes imagination and creativity to run a game not a whole lot of rules and source books which the said companies are exploiting.

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