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Thoughts of the Year That Was!

Posted: 1 January, 2016 in Comment, Life, New Year

As the old year winds down and a new year starts my thoughts always go back to the old year events and what the new year will bring. Though I never make New Year resolutions as I never will keep them so I never seen a point to them but I do think about what I want to do in the new year as it is such a good excuse to take stock of where I am.

In the end the previous year was a quiet year most of which I tended just to exist rather than actually live what could be called a life and at times I reached low points which I wanted to give up everything and walk away from my life. But the year has not been a total loss as it ended on a high note because of change of attitude and sheer determination, especially on my partner’s part.

It also means the new year brings renewed hope of better future and life helped by easing of our financial problems here and stress at work caused by a change of management at work for the better. Each have buoyed my move and given me a breathing space to start to change my life even in small ways.

Next year my plans include redoing my internet presence including my web site and social accounts followed by finding those role-players in my local area and finally finding a way to start a real social life outside of work and home again.

Finally find more time to write creatively, read more and even spend more time within Second Life all in effort to reconnect to friends there which I have lost some connection with and would like to reconnect on a social level again.

In the end the new year is going to bring real new hope and even if the changes in the end is only small there will be changes to my life!

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The New Year: An Opportunity!

Posted: 27 December, 2015 in Comment, Life, New Year

It is that time of year between Christmas and New Year when I start to think of the upcoming new year and what it brings or does not bring. One thing it will bring a more secure financial footing though still things will not be easy but more easier than previous years so we can here can really start to think of the future and new things in the new year.

Myself the first thing I am going to do in the new year is start to change my priorities of my life way from work which last few years has unhealthily dominated my life to a point it has pushed out my social and home life to a point it has almost killed it off.

So with these new priorities I will start to make an effort to restart my social and home life especially my creative side which will include writing more and working more on the various Role-Playing Game backgrounds and scenarios in the hope I find players and get a chance to run them.

Though some changes I will do next year will not to be to everyone’s liking as I will become more vocal on certain social networks politically as it is time for me to stop sitting on the fence and stop being a sheep but someone who actually comments about things I see happening in the world which I feel are wrong. This will make some people around me uncomfortable but to be frankly that is their problem not mine as most are still very happy to be sheep.

On top of which I will also redo my various web sites giving them a new look and feel for the new year removing those bits which really have little relevance to my new priorities for the new year.

All this will take effort on my part but in the end I think I need to do it as the current situation cannot continue as it is causing me a lot of frustration and slowly killing me off what is actually makes me, me!

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The New Years Keep Rolling On!

Posted: 31 December, 2014 in Comment, Life, New Year

Once again quicker than most of us expect the New Year is back upon us again this time the year 2015 and to myself it still feels like it was the year 2000. Just amazing how the years roll by without ourselves noticing it especially when we are asleep to the world around us.

But unlike previous New Years especially last year this New Year has a different feel to it in so much unlike last year when we were struggling financially due to the fact we had just moved house under less than pleasant circumstances caused by overly pushy family who literally forced us to move. All this making for a very stressful start to the year for everyone concerned.

This year has a better feel to it though we are still struggling financially and the new house is not totally perfect if anything it has number of faults the old house did including working central heating but the main difference this year is that we are more settled in a home which will be ours eventually and starting to look forward to a new future which may or may not be much different to our past.

In the end through the trials and tribulations of my life over this year I actually managed to achieve things which to some people may be very trivial and pointless things but for those of us like myself who have been suffers of depression will understand even doing these things is real achievement in itself.

The main achievement being the fact that I have finally started to working on controlling my depression again but this time not over the short term but over the long term so I can finally get to a point of an equilibrium in my life so I can start to move forward again and fall back into the sleep of depression again.

The other achievements are ones which most people will find trivial but those in the know will understand actually getting these things to work takes some real know how and work to achieve. I am talking the things I have done on my computers here which include hosting my own web site, one of my blogs, setting up a small social web site and most gratifying setting up a Linux Server itself made from discarded windows computer.

All this proves to myself I have not lost the old magic I had with computers during my programming days just I can now focus on other things with computers now that is I now have more strings to my bow where computers are concerned.

Though all this has eclipsed by the fact I discovered this year I could actually write, be it in form of blogs, though a still a bit rough around the edges but from other peoples reaction to it very effective even getting some what I would call positive feed back.

I am not arrogant to believe that I will ever bee a great or memorable writer but the basic fact for someone who spent most of this life believing he could not write it has been a real revelation. All made even more satisfying as most of my early life I was told both by my teachers and peers I was stupid and incapable of expressing myself both speaking and writing.

In the end this year with all its problems has ended up a good year to build a better and more fulfilling future upon. Much like last year I start the New Year on an optimistic note as things can really get better and I am starting to think the world is my oyster again!
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