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Some one on a small social web site I belong to put on an interesting web address to a web site called The Day We Fight Back which is basically a web site to collect signatures of people who want to stand up and say they are against mass surveillance of governments especially in the NSA in the United States.

I thought it was a good idea as it is time we all stood up and said something against such mass surveillance especially when it is against normal citizens and companies who are in no way connected to security threats against the countries in question. This in itself is very suspect just why were the likes of the NSA spying on citizens of Europe and it’s governments as they are their allies.

I am not against spying per say when it is justified in the protection of a country and maintaining the security of it citizens but it has to be done in a very controlled and focused way rather than NSA for example who spied on people just in case and in the process stepped on people’s human rights in the name of security!

Myself I have signed the web site and urge people to do the same as it is high time we the citizens of the Planet Earth as a whole showed our anger to those people in power who abused their positions to spy on innocent people all in the name of security and people’s safety. In the process they have overstepped the mark and used their position to step on people’s basic human rights to privacy.

It is not the time to sit on the face but say something!!!

The link to the web site is: The Day We Fight Back!

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