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50 and not Out!

Posted: 10 January, 2013 in Birthday, Comment, Life

Well tomorrow it is my birthday which I finally reach 50 or the half century which has made me slightly thoughtful and reflective about my life so far which frankly should not surprise anyone.

All I can say about getting older is I feel no different inside my mind is still active if my personality is a bit more jaded, cynical and angry because of things which have happened in my life. But the body is not as active as I would like it though I still think I am 25 years younger as basically the body may ache more but it feels on different as such.

As for growing older I find I get less worried about it as I get older after all I cannot Do anything about it so I have got to a point of why worry about it after all much as we would like to we cannot stop time. Plus if I worried about it I would lose time worrying about something I cannot do anything about.

Much the same as regrets which I have come to the opinion they are not worth the effort. It does not mean I don’t think about what I things had been different or did thing better how it would of changed my life as we all do but I do not dwell on them as there are still things to do ahead which regrets would cloud and ruin.

I may be getting older but as when I turned 40 proved being older does not necessarily mean your life is over and you cannot try new things after all only thing which will stop me will be my own death.

50 is a milestone in my life which since 40 has been especially good and rather than look forward to the so called twilight of my years with trepidation I look forward to them as each day is an opportunity to be grasped or day to do nothing. 🙂