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What is becoming very clear in the West is that what we call Capitalism is far from a real Capitalism which serves society as a whole but a virus which serves a few at the expense of the many and they very society it reports to serve and benefit.

Western Capitalism is creating an unsustainable system which discourages innovation and individuality all for one purpose only to serve a small elite who have no real connection to the society they are part of. This an elite who live selfish lives in ivory towers who care little about the people who actually create their wealth.

This whole system is unsustainable as it is producing a Western Society which is stagnating and blighted by inequality far too focused on producing profits for a few. In all the process Western Capitalism does not encourage the creation of new businesses, innovation or even move society forward. If anything it is creating a society which simply serves an elite few, conformity and inward looking.

All this process is helped by an media which encourages people the embrace the system by seeing the empty dream that conforming will give them a dream life which in reality only available to the elite few and they will never be allowed to have. Also the same media makes ensures that people are two divided to notice what is going on by promoting bigotry, inhumanity and fear so the people do not unite and change things.

Western Capitalism has become a toxic virus which is destroying the very thing it needs to survive and heading for a collapse of Western Society which will make the collapse of the old U.S.S.R. look like a picnic in the park.

The saddest part of the whole situation those people who live within Western Capitalism actually close their eyes to what is happening and deny it is happening coming up every excuse not to do anything. The most used excuse is they have a family and love ones to support so cannot rock the boat regardless year upon year things get worse for them.

Western Capitalism is not a true Capitalism which serves all of society, allows innovation, allows all people too make money and moves society forward. But it is insidious form of Capitalism which serves the few, promotes conformity, only allows a few to make money and looks backwards.

As I have said before it is getting more difficult to be part of a system which I know is going wrong without saying something. As it continues it gets more and more difficult for me to justify working each morning as after all why should I work for minimum wage to benefit an elite few?

After all I am in reality getting nothing from Western Capitalism or encouraged to strive for more, if anything the whole thing is making me start to wonder if life really worth the effort in the end!

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The situation in Catalonia reflects the general malaise of all western governments in so much they do not or refuse to listen to the very people they claim to represent!

The Spanish government is acting exactly like the United Kingdom Government over Brexit that is running rough shod over the people rather than talking to the people as any civilised society should.

It is a shame to see our so called Western Democracies have become democracies only by name not by it’s actions.

The issues in Catalonia could be so easily solved by the Spanish government asking the Catalans why they want to leave Spain in the first place but as always the Spanish government puts itself above the very people it represents and pay their wages!

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After this morning when Severn Trent sent us two bills both £500+ you have start to wonder just how long do we have to live in a system which allows people to make such mistakes and corporations who are so blind they cannot or even understand the mistakes they make.

It highlighted we live in a world of faceless Corporations who really care so little about their customers, employees and the world around them.

What happened this morning simply should not of happened as the mistake was made 3 years ago and it took them this long to sort it out which has put a very bad taste in my mouth over Christmas.

As I said and will keep saying just when are we going to wake up to the toxic system of Western Society where Corporations constantly ruin lives with their inefficiency even criminal incompetence?

Especially when there are Corporations which get is so right by simply talking to their customers, treating their employees with respect and viewing the world on a human scale!

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It getting to a point that I am definitely starting to believe our Western form of Capitalism simply does not work in so much it does not support free markets, innovation or allows both technology or society to move forward.

It is wholly geared to maintain the wealth of a elite few at the expense of 99% even itself that is it is a self destructive system which is doomed to fail in a spectacular way some time soon.

Worse of all it puts up a show of smoke and mirrors to fool everyone it is benefiting everyone, society even the economy and people fall for it every day regardless of the fact with little digging they soon realise things are falling apart around them.

It is not that I am against capitalism as when it is done right, fairly with real morality and real honesty it can benefit everyone not the few plus it can encourage growth and innovation both in society and technology.

But when you allow immorality, dishonesty and greed into capitalism you end up with something which will destroy the very thing it’s trying to build. The thing is the 1% may get richer but their short-sightedness and greed will eventually lead to their own destruction and leave them even less than 99% they oppressed as they cannot eat their money in a world where it has lost it meaning.

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It has been few days of thinking about the world around me especially how the West does business and treats its people which has resulted in some very stark thoughts on my end.

I have concluded that we in the West really do not treat each other well especially those in positions of power who are very quick to abuse and take advantage of their positions to line their and their supporters pockets.

We live in a whole society based on the lies of Capitalism, Freedom even morals in which if we rock the boat we are quickly shut up they those people to scared to rock the boat. Strangely those in power need to do nothing as the fear they have generated via their lies make sure those who speak out are suppressed buy the very people they suppressed themselves.

And all you get from the people around you everyday is the world is all right, government is doing a good job especially from those evil terrorists in the Middle East. All this regardless of the fact the governments in the West are taking apart our social nets to save those who have fallen on hard times, reducing our freedom of speech in the name of security, reduce the quality of medical care for socially disadvantaged and so on.

And what do most of the people of the West do just sit there and take it too afraid to say anything in the vain attempt to get a good life of the rich which they will never get.

Yes, if you look under the thin crust of the Western Society underneath is a corrupt and dark society created solely created to serve a small group of parasites called the Super-Rich.

Our society is not all right even here in the United Kingdom and by turning a blind eye to it you are allowing it to continue and get worse!

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By saying Daesh is not the real enemy of the West it sounds as if I am either at variance or regarded as a madman but those of us who have been actually awake really know who is the real threat to the West.

Now you are going to ask me what is the real threat is and I will answer the West itself!

This is because the major governments at the behest of those privileged few, usually the very rich 1% of Western Society, have been using the perceived threat of Daesh of the people made worse by their pet media to consolidate their power over the West at the expense of the people.

This to some may seam the paranoid ramblings of a left wing madman especially the pet media of these people and those people who live in the glorious stupid ignorance under the faint hope if they ignore what is happening will go away.

But those of us who have actually been awake enough to watch what is actually going on and ignoring what the media has been reporting have noticed the slow erosion of our freedoms by Governments all in the name of security. Each time slowly consolidating the power of the 1% on the Western World while ignorant fail to notice what is happening until hopefully it is too late for them to do anything about it.

Though currently it is not only this 1% who are making a bid for power but the real threat to our democracies and the real terrorist threat to the West which is the Extreme Right Wing Parties and their deluded leaders both in the United Kingdom and United States. All using the perceived threat of Daesh to stir up hate for Muslims using this hate to catapult themselves into power at any cost.

These Extreme Right Wing Parties are the real threat to the West as their message of hate always means that innocent will people suffer just because they believe in the wrong religion and due to their colour of their skin.

These said same groups are also the groups who are more likely to do terrorist acts than Daesh but they are conveniently ignored by Governments as their very existence aid their agenda to grab more power from the people they represent. So in the end they turn a blind eye to their actions even blaming Daesh for their actions.

So in the end the real threat to the West is the West itself to be more exact the extreme right wing and that 1% of very rich people both who want to subjugate people all in the effort of power and money.

The biggest irony of this whole situation is that we the people in the West can stop these people in there track by simply standing up to these people as they only have power over the people if we let them as in truth they really not that powerful!

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Our World of Lies!

Posted: 6 August, 2014 in Comment, Life, Western World

More and more I observe the modern world around me the more and more I am coming to the conclusion that we are not being told whole range of things happening in our world from part of the truth to blatant lies by governments down to individuals with an axe to grind.

In some cases we such expect it as most governments and politicians have been tell us lies for centuries so come part of the course to work out what the truth is behind their statements and we all know why they do it. Just nowadays they do put more spin which rather than hides what they are doing make it even more obvious to those people like myself who have their eyes open to what they are doing.

But now in our modern world it is not only governments who bend the truth even lie any more but those people with real issues about what is happening in the world and claim they are bringing the truth to the public attention have started to do the same trick as governments.

I suspect this is under the sad delusion such distortions of the truth to lies will grab peoples attention so they think the end justifies the means. But especially with people like myself it devalues their arguments to a point I now do not believe what they say any more or if I do I take it with a very big pinch of salt now. Rather than promoting their causes it now sets them back and they have lost their creditability.

Sadly such groups include the concerned with global warming who have told so many halve truths, blatant misinformation and disproved scientific theories I for one now simply do not believe them any more as their credibility with myself has gone.

Then we get to the biggest liars and tellers of half truths the big Corporations world wide who openly lie, spread misinformation and spread blatant propaganda all in the name of business and making money. Those within these corporation actually think what they are doing is right and proper because it promotes their businesses regardless of the fact in normal every interactions between people such behaviour is simply not acceptable.

But we see it every day from such corporations from small halve truths about products which simply to not work and never proved scientifically to the big and the lies and scare stories which included the Millennium Bug to Microsoft xp computers being suddenly attacked when Microsoft withdrew support for it, something which never happened much like the Millennium bug.

In conclusion my observations of the various governments, corporations, campaigning groups to individuals with drum to beat is that a large majority of them now think is perfectly acceptable to either bend the truth to lie as long as the end justifies the means. But they all have missed the fact once caught lying or bending the truth it devalues them and their causes which will eventually destroy what they are trying to achieve.

All this seams a very grim and cynical view of the world on my part but after so many years of life of accepting such behaviour from governments, corporations and campaigning groups, I have finally got fed up of being lied to and being treated like a fool by these people and groups!

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A Mad World?

Posted: 6 July, 2014 in Comment, Life, Western World

If we totally believe the news being fed to us by the media in the West the world has gone mad and full of the evil of Islamic terrorists and groups who are so powerful the West is threatened by an invasion from the Middle East who will sweep away the Christians and start a new dark age!

But if you actually think about what is happening in the world and actually look back over the full history of humanity and considering over the last 50 years or so we have had peace especially here in Europe we have forgotten the simple fact that the world has always been like this.

One thing humanity seams to be very good at is fighting each other over our history and if we look back the current sectarian war in Iraq really nothing new as some 500 years ago we in Europe were at exactly the same sort of wars between Catholics and Protestants with same effects and loss of innocent lives.

But if we are to believe the media we are heading for a disaster of biblical proportions but you have to wonder why a Christian dominated West especially in United States are painting such a picture of the world?

It simple it is to distract the population from the fact that their own governments and corporations are failing both them and their economy. Add to this they are using the people’s fear to make them more compliant to their needs that is reduce their freedoms and allow the companies to get cheaper labour!

But as always people listen to the media in the West but do not question or actually look into what they are being told. As I said before who needs oppression when the population is so apathetic!

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The experience of a friend on Twitter who has some very forthright and strong views got me thinking just how easy haters can attack those who they think are wrong because of the internet itself, along with the fact they can now too easily spread their poisonous views to a lot of people!

Basically the person in question has made in the past a number of what would be called controversial views on various social networks, forums and the such on the internet which have met with some less than mature and well thought out comments some of which have been full of what I would call blind hate to a point of being vile.

As I said this got me thinking in so much if these remarks were made in an environment where people had to discuss thing face to face the whole conversion may get heated but not as extreme as it has got on the internet via social networks.

It struck me these people seam to feel they can let lose with ill thought out, vile and hateful remarks back on the internet in response to such remarks almost as if they cannot get their head around the fact that the other side of the text on the screen there is actual human being with feelings.

Plus what do they think that this behaviour on the internet is acceptable because it is on the internet and it certainly would not be accepted if they were interacting face to face. Clearly even on social networks, forums and the such on the internet such behaviour is not acceptable in any community even a virtual community.

But this also goes hand to hand with our modern world in which our media and governments allow such hate to exist and in some cases even encourage it for their own purposes and needs.

The an example being the Conservative Party here in United Kingdom supported by the press who spread stories about the people who are unemployed being scroungers regardless of the fact the large majority of people who are unemployed lost their jobs because of the Banker backers of the Conservative Party. Hence now once again the unemployed are not helped but stigmatised as scroungers who should be make to suffer because of no fault of their own.

Other examples also include UKIP and blaming immigrants plus Europe for problems here in the United Kingdom to United States media painting all Muslims as terrorists when clearly they are not even those here in the United Kingdom.

What has become very clear to me in our modern world, especially in The West, it has become easier for the hates, in form of Extreme Christians Sects and Right Wing Political Parties, to spread their message supported by a sympathetic media and governments rather than those people who have a more civilized and realistic view of the world whose message is almost suppressed by the said same groups by subtle exclusion!

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What has happened to the Western World the so called centres of modern civilization which was forward thinking, innovative and progressive which has been replaced by a Western World which looks backwards, put profit before innovation and progression.

Just what happened?

A Gray World!

Posted: 17 November, 2012 in Comment, Life, Western World

After this week it has reinforced my view just how gray and unimaginative our modern world has become to a point it crushes those who show any spark of imagination, innovation even individualism. All this helped by system which promotes even encourages this state through the media and so on.

Then these said same people complain that the Western World in general is faltering, stagnant and in trouble which is ironic really as it was their actions, greed and self serving natures which created the world around them in the first place.

Now they struggle to get the mess they created but yet again their lack of imagination, greed and self serving natures stop them actually doing thing different and required to bring the West out of it malaise. So the problem will continue and has done so since the 1990s just different variations of the same problems with no real solution or action taken on anyones part.

What this does mean the Western World has stagnated both Industrially and Culturally to a point people have grown apathetic and tired to a point they just accept the world as they see no way to change it!

We see this stagnation in products we buy and use, the media we watch and consume and in the governments we vote in, or don’t vote in because of apathy, who frankly do the same old things to try to fix the problems but end up just putting off the problem to another day.

Culturally we see the stagnation in the media the Music, Film and TV companies produce for public consumption which lack a real content and a rehash of previous media with nothing new or inspiring again. Taking Hollywood as a prime example whose current output of films consists of remakes of older films, sequels with very few unique and innovative films.

In the end we now live in a gray world which lacks imagination, innovation and even a basic spark of life because we allowed it to happen and if people were not so apathetic, lazy or so self-centered they could actually change it but it is not going to happen.

I wonder just what is needed to change this as it has to be something big and spectacular to shake the Western World out of it’s current apathy until then it is up to the few individuals out there with an imagination, spark of life and innovation to keep fighting and keep the basic spirit of humanity alive until it is need again!