When Are They Going Stop Believing!

Posted: 22 March, 2015 in Computer, Linux, Operating System

Once again when talking to someone at work about Linux I got the same old story from the person in question that he thought or had been told that installing Linux on computer was difficult!

Now with some Linux distributions that is true but to be fair the distributions in question are designed for the more capable computer users but now there are a growing number of Linux distributions especially Ubuntu and Debian based Linux which are now as easy to install onto a computer as Windows if anything easier.

What had become very clear to me they were ignorant about Linux in general not helped by a fact the media here in the United Kingdom still avoids or fails to inform people they have real alternatives to Windows and Apple. All not helped by young people who are very happy to follow rather than think for themselves even here in the United Kingdom.

So when are they going to stop believing the lies spread by some about Linux?

Well it looks like I have to lead by example and continue to show by using Linux that it is a viable alternative to the mainstream operating system and software. On top of which keep being vocal and keep banging the drum for Linux and Open Source in the hope it opens the eyes and fires the curiosity of those who eyes have been closed by the modern world around them!

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