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The Second Life mantra should be…..

“Second Life is not a game. Second Life is a social network!”

….and if people follow this mantra while they are in Second Life they will find the whole experience of Second Life a lot more fun and rewarding.

Those who still insist on treating Second Life as a game do not be surprised if most residents there do not give you the warmest of welcomes as you will not be most popular type resident.

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Since Second Life’s viewer is now available on Steam it might be time to remind people that Second Life is not a game per say but as I have pointed out time again and again it is now more of a social web site. It is certainly how the large number of the Second Life Residents use it especially the long term residents like myself.

What does annoys us long term residents of Second Life are those who come into Second Life with the attitude that it is a game as such an attitude does mean the person in question not only gets very little out of Second Life on top of which they will quickly find people will not talk to them because of it!

This is subtle hint to the game players out there who want to venture into Second Life you will not find such things associated with on-line games like quests, weapons and amour even skills. Add this the fact you have to actually socialise and talk to people in an environment which encourages social interaction.

So to get the full out of Second Life you have to go in with open attitude and prepared to actually talk to other people within Second Life itself as the large majority of residents are there to socialize and not play games per say!

As I said the Second Life Mantra continues!

Second Life is not a game but a social web site within a virtual world!

I have already touched this subject in earlier Journal entries in so much that Second Life is a not a game but still on the World Wide Web under many Gaming sites Second Life is prompted as a game. This not helped by Linden Labs inaction on this subject as both Linden Labs and large number of Second Life Residents that Second Life is now more than a game.

In the past 6½ years I have watched Second Life grow from a game into a full blown Social Web site which has not gone unnoticed by the long term residents within Second Life itself. Especially in resent comments by residents I know have notices the fact that with Second Life Residents have become far more open about their real lives and started to meet their Second Life friends in real life!

But the misconception still occurs outside of Second Life by people who have never been into Second Life who still think it is a game and if they even try it treat it as a game and find the experience of Second Life less than satisfying because of this attitude. This is because the large majority of existing Second Life have little and no time for those new people who treat Second Life as a game and tend to not talk to them or shun them because of their attitude.

I once again it is high time Linden Labs started to really promote Second Life as a social web site in a vibrant, living and imaginative virtual world created by it’s residents. It seems Linden Labs have failed much as those outside of Second Life what it has become which is a great shame. If Linden Labs wake up to this singular fact then themselves and Second Life will finally blossom into what it is the best way to socialise on the Internet!

So the New Mantra should be Second Life is not a game!

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