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By saying Daesh is not the real enemy of the West it sounds as if I am either at variance or regarded as a madman but those of us who have been actually awake really know who is the real threat to the West.

Now you are going to ask me what is the real threat is and I will answer the West itself!

This is because the major governments at the behest of those privileged few, usually the very rich 1% of Western Society, have been using the perceived threat of Daesh of the people made worse by their pet media to consolidate their power over the West at the expense of the people.

This to some may seam the paranoid ramblings of a left wing madman especially the pet media of these people and those people who live in the glorious stupid ignorance under the faint hope if they ignore what is happening will go away.

But those of us who have actually been awake enough to watch what is actually going on and ignoring what the media has been reporting have noticed the slow erosion of our freedoms by Governments all in the name of security. Each time slowly consolidating the power of the 1% on the Western World while ignorant fail to notice what is happening until hopefully it is too late for them to do anything about it.

Though currently it is not only this 1% who are making a bid for power but the real threat to our democracies and the real terrorist threat to the West which is the Extreme Right Wing Parties and their deluded leaders both in the United Kingdom and United States. All using the perceived threat of Daesh to stir up hate for Muslims using this hate to catapult themselves into power at any cost.

These Extreme Right Wing Parties are the real threat to the West as their message of hate always means that innocent will people suffer just because they believe in the wrong religion and due to their colour of their skin.

These said same groups are also the groups who are more likely to do terrorist acts than Daesh but they are conveniently ignored by Governments as their very existence aid their agenda to grab more power from the people they represent. So in the end they turn a blind eye to their actions even blaming Daesh for their actions.

So in the end the real threat to the West is the West itself to be more exact the extreme right wing and that 1% of very rich people both who want to subjugate people all in the effort of power and money.

The biggest irony of this whole situation is that we the people in the West can stop these people in there track by simply standing up to these people as they only have power over the people if we let them as in truth they really not that powerful!

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