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Ello There!

Posted: 30 September, 2014 in Computer, Ello, World Wide Web

A new social network has hit the internet called Ello which claims to be advert free and it will not sell personal information to companies but as always there is a but the users will have to pay for certain features usage. Strangely this is appealing to a lot of Facebook users who are getting fed up of Facebook’s high handed attitude to users privacy and added to this the myriad of adverts on Facebook which distract from Facebook’s effectiveness as a social network.

But as always just because Ello claims to be free of adverts and the user data will not be sold to companies on top of which it claims to be a social network users still should be very wary about rushing into a new social network. This is because not all is rosy in Ello’s garden as it still under development and currently lacks real safe guards and security to block unwanted attention from other users and the such.

This is one of the cases when standing back and watching how Ello develops first and it’s creators are true to their word as out there in the internet there a lot fly by night people and people with good ideas which turn out to be a real nightmare for the users themselves!

Though what Ello does highlight with 31,000 applications from Facebook users asking to be added to Ello the growing dissatisfaction of some Facebook users with very nature of Facebook that is amount of adverts, lack of privacy of data and the fact companies have access to their personal data. It also highlights the fact if a real alternative to Facebook with was purely a social network with adverts etc. appeared a large number of Facebook users would defect to the alternative.

Though on the flip side Ello also show the large number of Facebook users foolishly really don’t care that Facebook sell there personal data to companies and it compromises their privacy. Of cause in the end these people will suffer the consequences of their actions with lost of privacy and quality of life because of it!

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