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I have started to play with a piece of software called opensim, based on Second Life software, which allows someone to host a small virtual world on their own Computer at home. All this because I wanted to see if I could set up and run the software because I thought it was going to be difficult and to fight the nagging thought I always get with such things from my depression which states I cannot possibly do such a thing!

But I succeed and managed to get a small sim running on my Linux server at home with relative ease though currently it is not very exciting as it consists of a flat sim with a well somewhere on it but as I get to learn more it will get a bit more full of items.

It does have it’s problems running on my computer of which the major one being a memory leak somewhere as sometimes the opensim software uses inordinate amount of ram at times especially if a viewer is being run at the same time.

On top of this the opensim web site may be good for basic documentation how to set up, initialize and develop software for opensim the one thing it really lacks is a real in depth insight on useful things like parameter settings and more detailed instructions of things in general. This has made moving forward after you have opensim running a lot more difficult as you have to constantly search the internet to get any information you require.

Other than it as I said it was very easy for me to set up with the instructions given though now I have the fun of messing around with the sim itself within the small opensim over the next few months especially when I have another Linux server at home.

So I have become a World Builder be it a very small Virtual World another thing I have become in addition to what I am and do already!
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