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You have to start and wonder about the mentality of some people who live in a democracy who believe they need a gun to defend themselves against a government that they voted into power themselves!

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Once again we are here again just wondering why does the United States allow it’s citizens easy access to guns after yet another tragedy of a shooting this time at after a Connecticut school shooting left 27 dead, including 20 children some under 10 years old.

People like myself both in United Kingdom and beyond in the rest of the so called civilized world end up just wondering why the United States and it’s citizens allow this state of affairs to even exist in the first place which allowed someone to buy a gun and ammunition unchecked then them to walk into a school and shoot people once again unchecked.

In the end some people in United States are going have to do some hard thinking is the love of the gun really worth the death of innocents?

It’s not as if the recent shooting at the Connecticut School is an isolated incident but yet another mass killing on United States soil and it is the third such incident this year alone. The other two being the Batman Premier in New York and Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.

Then all we get from some citizens of United States is long tirade of arguments that they have the right to carry guns because they need it to defend themselves and families from armed criminals, the government and so on. The best argument being well if we could carry the gun all the time we could of stopped the shooting in the first place.

None of this in the end justifies the loss of innocent lives because of the gun and in the background of the problems with medical changes made by President Obama it gives the impression that the United States and some of it’s citizens are more interested in keeping the gun than keeping people alive and healthy.

In the end it is time that the United States and it’s citizens took responsibility for their actions rather than hiding behind empty arguments to keep the gun and actually do something about what is happening as it is going to happen again if nothing is done sooner than later.

As I said to people like myself outside of United States it looks like the United States put more value on the right to bare arms than the health of their fellow citizens!