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Windows 10 now has been out for a few months and used in anger by a large number of users out there it has become very apparent it is a step forward not step backwards for normal users out there. A step forward which has been long overdue for domestic Window users as it is certainly more functional and usable than Windows 8 ever was.

Basically Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been a real improvement on the previous to previous versions of Windows which kept the much loved desktop with the start button and menu. Add to this they have actually made the improvements in the background which include a smaller footprint and performance improvements.

The upshot of which because of where I currently work on a Tech Desk we are noticing less complaints and issues from Window 10 users simply by the fact people simply return less because of issues with their computers other than usual teething issues of a new operating system which is to be expected.

But as always there are dark clouds associated with Windows 10 due to Microsoft and the way it does business and treats it’s users which may of softened a bit but still has an unhealthy edge to it. Microsoft is still very high handed with way it does it business and told a lot of half truths about Windows 10 especially to the business customers.

The biggest lie Microsoft has told it’s business customers is the fact that they can stop updates of Windows 10 but it turns out that in the end business users can only defer not stop updates. This regardless of the potential issues this could cause business users with software compatibility and stability of the computers. After all some business users are far more demanding than domestic users and expect their computer systems to be reliable as their business depend on this fact.

Add on top of this Microsoft downloading Windows 10 onto people’s computers using Windows 7 and 8 regardless of the fact that person in question informed Microsoft they did not want to upgrade to Windows 10 either by saying no or ignoring the upgrade prompt. This has caused some major issues with people who are using mobile broadband because of it size and also smacks as high pressure selling on Microsoft’s part.

All this once again highlights that Microsoft attitude to users has not improved if anything they have got better at hiding it behind a better media and advertising smokescreen which once again ruining a real step forward in their main product Windows 10.

In conclusion Windows 10 is a step forward but as always Microsoft itself is still same as it is always been putting business before it’s users which I find saddest of all!

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