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Most modern films now lack any real substance and attempt to blind their audiences with fancy visual effects in a flimsy attempting to hide this fact. This is also now true for television series, especially from the United States something we are constantly bombarded with here in the United Kingdom, which also wow their audiences with so called interesting contents but again if you stood back and actually looked hard and thought about the series themselves they really lack real substance or real story lines once again.

I know I may be a very fussy film and television viewer but I have lived long enough and watched enough films and television over the years to see the slow decline of the quality of both films and television programs even on the BBC itself. I doubt if I am not only one who has noticed this fact and I suspect I am not only one to notice that over the years money has become more important than the substance of the films and television programs themselves.

But it really shows our film and television industry in our modern world is flat and lacks any real new ideas which is shown by it constant output of remakes and sequels of both films and television series. It looks like the music industry both film and television industries really lack any new ideas and allowed money not new ideas run their industry so like the music industry their output quality has dropped to almost grossly dross.

What makes this all worse is the viewing public actually fall for this glossy film only looking at the visual effects almost ignoring the real lack of substance behind the films and television series themselves. It really says a lot for modern man who seams to have lost the basic love and need for good stories their ancestors had something which does not bode well for mankind in general.

It is as if the film and television industry is destroying by their focus on profits are destroying something basically human and cultural that is human skill and need for story telling. Something which has always been important to the development of our very cultures, beliefs and the oldest way man learnt new things. If we finally lose the basic ability to weave a story we will lose something which basically makes us human and closer to an automaton who just lives and works.

Though we can be hopeful that out of all this dross a few individuals within both the Film and Television Industry still produce good films which get people thinking and produce something has real story and plot.

Myself I am getting very disillusioned with a film and television industry which continually produces lack lustre films and series then being bombarded with them on the media especially from the United States. It also makes me very sad to see once great industry, much like Music Industry, dying on it feet and the fact people will not fight this decline but just be fooled by smoke and mirrors they put in front of them!

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