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This year we have the General Elections here in the United Kingdom and it is going to be on hell of a ride for all the Political Parties involved. All made worse they the intervention of the one extreme right wing party called United Kingdom Independence Party who are attempting to sell themselves as an alternative to the major political parties at the same time pandering to the racists and anti immigrant sentiments here n the United Kingdom.

So this years General Election here could be the most difficult election to predict the out come to as frankly the three major Political Parties have long past their best and all have exactly the same problems in so much they have no real connection with their voters any more. Add to this they all really have nothing new to bring to the table in the form of policies save the same old policies just wrapped in new language and wrapping.

A for UKIP it any sell itself as an alternative but in true all the party is yet another mainstream political party with empty policies even more so as it is not even a real political party just and anti-European political party with no real policies and certainly no real morals or integrity.

I know what I would like to happen at the General Election in so much the people show the current establishment and its political parties including UKIP and not vote them in to power. But as always one of the major parties or a coalition of them will take power and the United Kingdom will remain in same malaise for the next 5 years.

So now here in the United Kingdom we will have the suffer the machinations of the three major political parties and UKIP all of which will make empty promises to get our votes and try to score cheap points off each other. All in all it looks like the run up to our General Elections will be particularly vicious and acrimonious political campaign which will be unpleasant for all involved and the electorate!

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