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I have been back on Facebook for a few weeks to find that Facebook is much as I left it over year ago with same piss poor user interface which is pitched towards those who want to do business rather than socialise. Add to this it’s user interface is still confusing in places especially with their privacy system which is still full of holes and not exactly clear in it’s implementation.

But I was expecting a lot for those in Facebook to actually spend time improving their users interface as it still shows they put their investors before the user and it will be something they will eventually suffer for.

What makes this whole situation even more comical is the fact that the smaller social network packages for example BuddyPress, Oxwall and others provide so much more customisation and better privacy systems both of which actually work and far simpler to use and set up.

But Facebook reflects it’s founder real lack of insight into what people actually want and would like but what he wants at the expense of the users.

The biggest joke of myself returning back to Facebook is that to combat the negative effect of Facebook on my depression I have had to lock down my profile so tightly that it is difficult to find and once found only a select few can only see my posts. This is the joke as Facebook is supposed to be Social Network to meet new people but to stop it having the detrimental effect on my depression I have to literally disappear from the plain view on Facebook.

This is the saddest indictment of Facebook those of us who suffer from anxiety or depression to survive it without making things worse we have to remove ourselves from mainstream of Facebook. As I have said before the mainstream of Facebook I far from a healthy place for anyone.

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Recently Facebook was sort of looking into Virtual Reality, VR, again using the Oculus VR technology though they are now over 10 years too late even with the technology which has been around for decades but never too off.

If the owners of Facebook had actually being paying attention to the internet around them rather than patting their own backs because they think they are so cleaver would of noticed virtual reality in the form of on-line virtual worlds for example Second Life, OpenSim, Inworldz, them just to name a few has already been done and thriving. If anything these virtual worlds have become social networks in their own rights with the added advantage of virtual content including Avatars.

But as always the mainstream social networks always run behind with technology uptake and tend to use technology which never took off in the first place as the likes of Oculus VR has been tried before and was met with same indifference from users in general due to cost and basic usability.

As a last comment I bet Facebook will claim they were or are the first to use virtual reality in a social network regardless of the fact some 10 million plus people already use it ad have used it as a social network for last 10 years. But as always Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is good at using other people work and claim that he did it.

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Most annoying thing I am going properly have to do all in effort to reconnect to friends I have lost and who have not moved to other social web sites I am going to have to return back to Facebook or the Devil’s Playground.

It feels like a real defeat but it may be the only way I can get back with friends who I am missing a lot currently and for my own health and sanity I need to reconnect myself to. Currently I am feeling very isolated from the world around me something which is really not doing me well.

But this time as a defence against the worse excesses of Facebook and it’s large majority of anti-social, bigoted and hate filled members this time my profile will be closed down totally so only people who are friends can only see my profile.

Strangely this defeats the whole point of being on social web site in the first place but in the case of Facebook it is the only way people, especially with depression, can cope with the more nastier side of Facebook. All this because Facebook continues to fail to deal with abuse, bullying and trolling on it’s social web site because it’s owners believe it is all part of the freedom of speech regardless of the fact it harms people.

Also this time the profile will carry the minimum information required to be viable with everything else being held elsewhere outside of Facebook in an attempt to thwart the data trawlers there. Though I suspect that closed profiles are never very popular on Facebook as they are viewed by many people and defeat their basic ethos of their so called social web site.

In the end as I said this feels so like a defeat for my principles but sometimes we have to swallow our pride to do something we need to do, in my case reconnect to lost friends.

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A friend on a small social network reminded by why I left Facebook over a year ago with his comments about his experience on returning back to Facebook after 4 months. In so much it was still a social network which is racked with hate and conflict between various groups who rather than argue in a civilised fashion but at a level of verbal abuse and bullying.

I am not surprised that nature of Facebook has not changed since I left and if anything with recent events especially in Paris and the Middle East I suspect it’s very nature will of got worse with more people spreading more hate and extremist views all under the pretence of being social network.

All made worse by the owners of Facebook who seam incapable to properly moderate their own social network especially they cannot use the excuse they do not have the tools as they certainly do as they can already locate and remove undesirables from their massive social network. Plus if they do not have such tools you have to wonder their competence to even run a social network unmoderated!

But if seams that owners of Facebook are unwilling to moderate heir social network and allow people to spread hate and extremist views all under the pretence of the freedom of speech.

This regardless of the fact a large number of views people post on Facebook potentially very damaging to fabric of society in general in so much they enforces intolerances in society under this right of freedom of speech. Such intolerances including religious, racial even sexual orientation to name a few.

If such remarks were made outside of Facebook in public or media here in United Kingdom especially those which involve religion and race it is highly likely they will fall foul of the law as it stands. So why do the people and Facebook itself think it is acceptable to say such things on a public social network on line?

But as always it is both lack of understanding of the large majority of the Facebook users and their governments who fail to grasp the simple fact anything they say on Facebook is in the public domain and no different to saying on the street where such remarks are not accepted by society in general.

On top of which Facebook also reflects the way Western society deals with important matters of race, religion and sexual orientation rather than in a civilised and measured way but in a confrontational manor tempered by a political correctness which both stop anything actually being solves if anything encourages more hate and bullying from both sides.

My personal view if it hight time for the owners of Facebook to stop hiding behind the pretence of freedom of speech and actually take responsibility for their social network and educate it’s members it is not acceptable for a member of a civilised society to spread hate and bully people.

Personally I ask people like myself who are fed up of what Facebook has become to leave it and go back to the old fashioned way of making friends by actually going out meeting people or even exploring the wonders of the internet more as there are some gems of people and sites out there both real and virtual!

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The funniest moment yesterday is when some of my colleagues actually thought people socialise on likes of Facebook!

Well it just shows the real lack of skills some of my colleagues have with social interactions if they really think people socialise on Facebook as from personal experience on Facebook the last thing people actually do is socialise there any more.

If anything a large majority of people on Facebook just talk about themselves and the good things about their lives to anyone who will actually listen to them or give them any attention even how small. Few actually have what I would call real meaningful conversions about anything unless it some trivial matter which could be better talked about else where.

Add to this a large amount of self serving people who are simply there to promote themselves, their political views and even businesses which sort colours any conversions there to either a stream of propaganda promoting their views rather than actually holding a real conversation or social interaction with anyone there.

The most damning thing about Facebook is simply those people there who are simply there to throw abuse, spread lies and hate to anyone gullible to listen to them or even verbally attack anyone with vile and sicking abuse who dares to disagree with their points of view.

What worries me is that people using Facebook regularly think this behaviour in any social media is totally acceptable thing and always they give the simple answer you can always block someone if they gets abusive. But, it is a big but, that does not solve this fundamental flaw of Facebook that people both and run Facebook allow these people to peddle their hate, sick and abusive views to continue.

Just because it is online these people seem to forget they are dealing with real people, real issues and what they type there will effect anyone. It is as if users of Facebook use the fact that it is online as an excuse to not take any responsibility for what they type and the way it effect others.

I will repeat this until it sinks into the large majority of Facebook users we would not accept such behaviour in face to face social interactions so why do we accept such behaviour over social networks as it is still wrong and abuse of other people rights, sensibilities even in some case simple out and out bullying!

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After recent events here in the United Kingdom and Facebook actually allowing people to post pictures of people being beheaded I am starting to question if Facebook should be allowed to continue in it’s present form!

It is fine the founder wants to build a fully open social network but there are limits and basic rights people still have to privacy and not subjected to constant stream of inappropriate material or even to a social network which basically focuses on the bad and trivial things in.

Facebook from where I stand has become a joke of a social network which frankly has failed because it’s owners put profit and it’s corporate sponsors before it’s users. Then this made worse by Facebook owners failing to tackle the problems some of it’s less than honest or even criminal elements on the network, if anything almost encouraging them in so much only doing something after the fact when someone complains rather than using their discretion to nip them in the bud!

All this further compounded by a culture of the Facebook users who think it is very acceptable and normal to throw abuse at other people, lie about their lives and even paint a better picture of their lives. This may only be a small group of people on Facebook but it has the biggest effect as in the end as it effects the large majority of people there. All these lies in the end effect people in a very negative way even feeding people’s envy, jealousy even their insecurities.

I know there are those people who use Facebook as a social network but now they are becoming a smaller minority there as there is a growing number of people who are using their feet to leave Facebook because of this growing majority of users are trivialising, abusing and spreading hate on Facebook.

Even myself I have felt better and much settled after leaving Facebook as it’s very nature had a very negative effect on myself because of the constant barrage of hate and triviality I was subjected too there. Regardless I may of lost contact with some good friends it was the best thing I have done leaving Facebook as it has helped my depression by removing a constant source of negativity from my life!

As I said at the start I and I suspect others, even within the media in general, are starting to question Facebook’s continued existence in it present form as rather than being people together or building new online communities it is having a very negative effect on people and being abused by those people or groups to spread hate, envy and discontent.

In the meanwhile the owners of Facebook do nothing much like Nero that is playing the Fiddle while their Rome burns in a most spectacular way. The question has to be asked just when are they actually going to do something about the problems on Facebook or are they just going to continue ignoring them in faint hope they go away?

A subtle hint to the owners of Facebook they are not going away if anything they are getting worse pushing away those people who would contribute in positive ways to Facebook!

It now been over two weeks since I deleted my Facebook account and frankly the last two weeks have been a lot more hassle free and my mood has generally been better which has been very noticeable to those around me.

What it has shown me due to it’s nature Facebook is having an unconscious effect on peoples and my own mood in a very negative way which in itself is very surprising. I cannot really put a finger on why other than it’s very nature brings out the darker side of people’s nature due to the very nature way Facebook is set up.

I have think I have said this before Facebook now fails to do it’s basic task of being a Social Network if anything by it’s very nature and the way people now perceive it as a place for gossip and for trivial matters has change it’s very nature for the worse. In so much people do not go there to socialise any more but to catch up with gossip and such trivial matters with basic socializing and keeping up with old friends as a very poor second.

When I was on Facebook the last thing I could do was easily keep up with my old friends and have private chats with them as the whole nature of Facebook discouraged this. I could not even keep up with their lives on Facebook itself as it got lost in the dross Facebook fills it’s news feeds with without doing some unnecessary work.

Basically in the end Facebook stopped being useful as far as I am concerned made worse I used the excuse that I was there to keep in contact with friends to stay there but I simply could not easily!

The biggest irony of all these so called friends did not comment elsewhere that I left Facebook or even missed me once again just showed to myself that Facebook was failing to do what it claims that is being a social network!