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A recent BBC news article about the possible new flags for the United Kingdom if Scotland voted for Independence and it got me thinking that this would be an ideal opportunity for United Kingdom to think of the future of the way it is governed in the future.

After all if Scotland wins it’s independence we are going to have to go through some basic constitutional changes both in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom so it would be almost criminal for the United Kingdom not do take the opportunity for a very through look and discussion about how the country is run as it certainly will need some fundamental and long over due changes.

My personal view we should look deeply into our democracy here to make it more relevant to a modern country and more accountable to the people it serves as in it’s current form it is becoming more and more distant from the people to it actually serves.

On top of which we should really also question that even if the last of our nobility and Royal family really now have a place in our country in their present in their present forms after all I am not only one in the United Kingdom who are starting to think if we should even pay for them any more and all nobility and royalty be consigned to the history books so we can move on as a country finally to a more modern and forward thinking country.

We also need to take the opportunity to look how our government works from the top to local level in a very fundamental level as an overhaul which is also long overdue as Scotland’s independence will also effect this.

My personal view both the Civil Service and Local Government needs a major reforms to make them them both more modern and to remove the old boy system for once and for all time.

In conclusion we here in the United Kingdom should use the opportunity of Scotland’s independence if it goes through or not to change our country as I said if we do nothing it will be criminal!

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