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I Told You So!

Posted: 23 November, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United States

It was a told you so moment when Mr Trump as part of his Republican Nomination run in the United States mooted the preposterous Republican policy which basically goes along the line that all Muslims in the United States should ware a symbol in public identifying them as Muslim. This made worse by other Republicans in United States contemplating that all Muslims have to register so they can be followed and watched by the government just in case they turn out to be terrorists.

Then compound this madness the same Republicans are also mooting that the government should have the right to close down Mosques which the government thinks is being used to radicalise Muslims within the United States.

All this in a country which prided itself on freedom of religion and speech?

This should all sound familiar to us who remember 1930s Germany will remember what that Hitler’s National Socialist Party did exactly the same to the Jews in Germany. That is he forced the Jews to ware the Star of David in public to identify them which lead to open discrimination against them from non-Jews.

What Mr Trump and the Republicans of the United States are proposing to do to the Muslims is exactly the same which is all made worse by a large majority of the United States public who actually think it is acceptable!

But those of us who remember what happen to the Jews know full well once this become law within the United States it is only a matter of time when Muslims are segregated from mainstream American Society either in ghettos or internment camps.

It will only a matter of time before anyone within American society who is not Christian or right wing are targeted all in the name of security from terrorists who frankly only have had a few successful attacks all outside of the United States and in places where governments where caught napping with their security.

As I said it has been a told you so moment and some people may say I am being particularly grim and hard with my comments in this journal entry. But once again people are allowing their fear and stupidity fed by a irresponsible media sleep walk the same path as 1930s Germany with the Jews.

In the end from where I stand those in United States who say it will not happen in United States are in denial and really should wake up and act now!

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