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Three Judges here in the United Kingdom have become the targets of hate and abuse by Brexit, Leave Votes and the right-wing press for making the right decision in law not in a political sense.

All they did was to say any act or law to be enacted in the United Kingdom has to go through Parliament, regardless what it is, at it is illegal for a Prime Minster to enact a act or law with just the Royal Assent as it goes against the sovereignty of Parliament. This includes Article 50 to leave the EU which must go through Parliament before it gets the Royal Assent as this underpins our democratic system.

By our Prime Minister, Mrs May, trying to enact Article 50 without the approval of Parliament will be a direct attack our our Democracy on a very fundamental way and it will make a total mockery of it.

Effectively Mrs May will set herself up as a Dictator much as the Queen’s ancestors and sets up a very dangerous prescience as it will allow future Prime Ministers to do the same which will both undermine our democracy and Parliament. It will give powers to the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom should not have in peace time.

The victory of forcing Mrs May to put Parliament is not a victory for the Remain Voters as such but a far more victory for our democracy and Parliament as it reinstates it’s sovereignty again.

Those of you who our history buffs out there will know that Parliament had to win the right to rule the country from a King called Charles I who believed he ruled by divine right in a Civil War some 300 years ago. Since when with some notable breaks it has been Parliament as a whole which makes the laws of the United Kingdom not one individual including the Prime Minster because Parliament is elected by the people to make the laws as a whole.

So after 300 years or so we are going back to the same position when one individual, namely our Prime Minster Mrs May, believes she has the right to decide the fate of the county herself without the approval of Parliament just as King Charles I and previous Kings and Queens thought.

I will say regardless of the result of Brexit we need as a country to respect the sovereignty of our Parliament as if we do not not side by this principle we mind as well give up our Democracy and freedoms as we would of given likes of Mrs May powers of a dictator much as the Kings and Queens before the Civil War.

No individual in power, including the Queen, in this country has the right to determine the future of this country only Parliament has that right because even if flawed it represents the people.

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