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Gentle Days of Humour

Posted: 6 July, 2012 in comedy, Comment, Life

Sadly this week we saw the death of Eric Sykes who represents the humour of my childhood and growing up which was a more gentle and cleaver humour than modern humour which has always struck me as working far too hard to make people laugh.

I miss the cleaver and easy humour of years past when comedians worked at at their art rather than now when most with little experience and try so hard to be funny and totally fail to actually be funny. This is not to say that there are not good modern comedians and those who are funny strangely follow the more traditional humour based on their experience of life.

But in the end like all things in our modern world a lot of comedians believe they are funny and they not prepared to go through the pain and time to perfect their art before inflicting it on the public so in the end they are far from funny.

This belief instilled in talentless people that they can do nothing is really killing a lot of thing in this modern world including comedy and it is a high time we as a society stopped doing it!

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