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The recent attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris by three Muslim men under the pretence of attack on those who made fun of their prophet Mohammed have failed in their actions as it will not have the decided effect of stop people criticising and poking fun at the Muslim Religion and its Prophet Mohammed or even religion in general.

If anything it is going to back fire in a big way as the men’s action are going to cause trouble for all the innocent Muslim within Europe and United States who will be tarred by the same brush as the men in question regardless if they condemn the men’s actions.

It has given the Right Wing extremists in Europe both in and outside European governments exactly what they wanted an excuse to attack innocent Muslims both verbally and physically and drive Europe deeper into the pit of Right Wing extremism which will effect everyone in a negative way.

The extremists in question will not stop at Muslims but will include those parts of society they also find aberrant that is any one not Christian, heterosexual and white but most of the people who join the band wagon of the Muslim haters always forget this fact. After all it has been over 50 years since the Jews were victims to a similar hate campaign in Europe and people have forgotten it was not only the Jews who were put to death or used as slave labour!

But in the end I hope there are enough people out there with calm heads and common sense who know to retaliate for the men’s actions at Charlie Hebdo is the wrong thing to do as it makes us not better than the men themselves. The old saying two wrongs do not a right is very appropriate here.

We should stand up to such people as the men and say we are not afraid of you and we are willing to die for a freedom of speech so hard fought for in Europe because in the end the pen is always mightier than the gun in the end. This has been proven time and time again in our history especially in Europe.

Here in Europe, including the United Kingdom, we should take the high moral ground and keep writing, poking fun at the world, religion and governments and not allow those who threaten us to win be they misguided religious fanatics, corrupt governments even immoral corporations to stop us. I will repeat we have had to fight hard for our right of freedom of speech here in Europe and none but none is going to take it from us!

Once again one of the few times I could be more literate and competent writer to get my point across a lot better, ah well I tried and succeed I hope.

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