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Reading and Imagination

Posted: 10 August, 2019 in Comment, imagination, Life, reading

I work with some different people one of which who read books and they are worried how well written it is, and yes a very poorly written book can be difficult to read.

But it showed they read the book rather than read the book with their imagination as I do. When I read a book I allow my mind’s eye imagine the images the words of the book creates in my own mind.

It is something I have always done helped by a fact my family never suppressed my imagination and I never allowed my school and peers at work grind down my imagination.

Imagination is important to my sanity and creativity as it underpins who I am.

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I have to smile as I have recently read ‘Universe in a Nutshell’ by Professor Hawkins and currently started to read ‘The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead’ by Marcus Chown both are about the current theories about Cosmology and basically everything and both sort of got me thinking.

I know thinking and questioning are a good thing but sometimes can be dangerous in so much the basic concepts and views, in both books, Cosmologists have about the Universe is mind blowing to say the least even to someone like myself.

As an ex-avid reader of both older Sci-Fi and Fantasy plus a Role-Player a lot of what is postulated by current Cosmologists would almost feel at home on the pages of the books in question. This includes parallel universes and more than 3 dimensions to name a two.

But from what I read the current theories of Cosmology makes our Universe both a far more simpler and complex place which is very elegant in it’s very nature. The science around Cosmology down to the Quantum level has become far more fascinating especially to myself.

As I said reading can be a dangerous thing for me as it gets me thinking about things again!

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