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It really looks like Google once again is back to it’s old trick of collecting data on it’s users for it’s own purposes and advertisers when their own operating system Google ChomeOS comes out soon.

Personally I’m not sure if the large majority of internet users out there will be very happy with this fact as the collection of the data is a little close to home and too personal. Most internet users can tolerate Google doing a similar thing via their search engine mainly because it is a very quick efficient search engine but I suspect a lot will draw the line at the operating system or PC!

All this is very strange considering that a number of United Kingdom based ISPs, including BT, were going to do a similar scheme and collect personal data where people when on the web so advertisers could target adverts better. But when it was announced by the said ISPs there was a lot of objections from the their users and it was stopped.

So how do Google think they can get away with doing the same here in the United Kingdom without people objecting?

What is also surprising is that Google which has already landed itself in deep trouble with it’s Street View Project and their so called accidental collecting of WiFi data they then proceed to do something similar with their operating system!

It now strikes me Google, like Microsoft and Apple before it, has become too big for it’s boots and believes it is above the laws of common ethics and it can get away with anything.

Basically I believe what Google are doing by collecting such data via their own operating system is totally unethical and a definite breach of privacy.

I will stop those who say well it does not matter, it is the way of the modern world and ask them would they like myself motoring their activity on the web remotely and selling the information to someone else? I bet their answer would be no after which I’d ask why would they accept a faceless Corporation doing the same then?


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