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I think I am not the only Old Timer who is currently totally frustrated with Linden Labs the creators of Second Life who seem to have a very high hand attitude towards it users especially one like myself who have been there for over 6 years and actually have paid a large amout of money into Second Life itself.

My personal view Linden Labs should now take far more hands on approach and show more responicility for its creation Second Life rather than standing back as it at the moment taking the money out with little or no effort on their part. I suspect as they have grown they have become more remote from their users who if they did not make Second Life what it was they would not be making the money they currently make!

This remotness of Linden Labs shows in their new Official Second Life Viwers which frankly are poorly implemented and show a complete lack of understanding of how the users actually use the viewers. Myself like many Old Timers find the new interfaces on the new viewers totally unuable and far from user friendly. It seams to us that Linden Lab changed the user interface because they could and thought it would be better for new users with little reguard to it current user base!

What makes this situation worse is that Linden Labs continue down the route of these new viewers regardless of the fact that users dislike of them and the fact that the use of Third Party Viwers even by new users has increased greatly over the last year. The question is is just when is Linden Labs going to realise that a large minority of Second Life Users dislike their current viewers and actually do something about it?

In conclustion the best thing Linden Labs can do at the moment stop thinking of nicities to get new Premium Users and features but actually spend time creating a usable viewer for all and actually listening to it users before it is too late!

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