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Is the BBC Anti-Europe?

Posted: 25 September, 2015 in BBC, Comment, Life, United Kingdom

What is currently making me wonder if the BBC is Anti-Europe especially with their constant coverage of Nigel Farage and UKIP on the front page of their news web site with only pro-European articles being relegated to the business and other pages on their News web site.

This personally show a far from balanced reporting on the BBCs part if anything shows a definite bias towards the Anti-Europe supporters but also reflects the general degeneration of the BBCs standards from what once a balanced and fair state television channel to one which reflects the establishment and conservative ideals of the modern world at the expense of good programs, balance and journalism.

It is time we claimed back our BBC back as a people and forced those in power both within the BBC and government to bring back the old BBC back which had a world reputation of impartiality, fairness, world class journalism even descent programs which enlightened people rather than they currently do pander to mass media and lower aspects of our society.

This sounds almost arrogant but as the part of the moderate and left-wing majority of the United Kingdom we are getting fed up of the constant barrage of Conservative and right-wing propaganda we are subjected too and would like as much coverage on media as this minority!

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