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With the release of Microsoft’s new and involved Windows 8 operating system called strangely and imaginatively named Windows 10 in July with all the associated comments and speculation about the Microsoft’s new offering to the computer world.

But what everyone generally agree is that it is really Microsoft’s last chance as a major software supplier for computers in the world and to recover from the disaster of Windows 8 and 8.1 which regardless of Microsoft’s propaganda machine really has not gone well with users world wide and really damaged the sales of hardware at a difficult time economically. Though to be fair this last issues has not been all Microsoft’s fault but the fault of computer industry and retailers being very conservative and sticking to Microsoft regardless of the damage it did to their industry and sales.

It does look as if Windows 10 does reverse and remover lot of the issues with Windows 8 and 8.1 in so much they have returned the start menu/button, though with annoying and unnecessary Metro menu along side it, and finally made the whole operating system smaller and simpler in the background. Add to this they have made the user interface more adaptive to the device it is run on so now desktop and laptop computers without touch screens will now have a more traditional windows desktop.

Basically Windows 10 is what Windows 8 and 8.1 should have been which would have been far more successful for Microsoft at a difficult time economically but I personally think it is too little too late for Microsoft as Windows 8 and 8.1 have damaged Microsoft’s standing both with Domestic and Business Users.

It may help Microsoft to gain some lost ground in the market but it has allowed others access to their target market which include Steam with their Steam OS, Linux based, with a major effort by large number of gaming companies now porting their games to Linux in preparation. Add to this now major hardware manufactures including HP and Dell now regularly producing and selling Ubuntu based hardware.

My view along with other people is that we will eventually see the importance of Microsoft’s Operating Systems both in the domestic and business market, especially in Europe and the Far East, slowly fade away as more and more people slowly wake up the fact that there is alternative called Linux which is free and less prone to virus and malware issues.

All helped by the fact that profile of Linux worldwide is on the rise mostly by word of mouth and in some governments in Europe actively replacing Window computers with Linux computers. Add to this while Microsoft have been having issues the creators of Linux and it’s distributions have been moving forward quietly and positively fashion improving the users experience of Linux in past few years.

It must not of gone unnoticed by everyone that Microsoft is now talking to creators of Ubuntu even inviting them to a confidence. Sort of say it all after all Microsoft and industry in general have no choice to take both Linux and Open Source software seriously now!

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Once again talking to a Windows user at work, who even in jest, claimed that Open Source software was not as good even inferior to brought software created by the large Computer Corporations regardless of the fact they use Open Source every day both at work and when they surf the internet even when they use their smart phone.

Add to this regardless of the fact I have been using purely Open Source software from operating system to packages for over a year and I have done as much if more on the computer than the average computer user. That is I am running my own web server hosting my own web site, one blog even cloud and I can even run Icecast server on the same server.

Then this is still not enough to convince some Window Users who still live under the misconception, regardless of the fact there are large number of people like myself out there use use Open Source everyday, that Open Source is not as good or usable as Corporation written Software.

It is as if they have been brainwashed by the big Corporations and an Establishment to believe that Open Source is useless, unusable and does not do what it claims to do. Once again regardless of the fact they use Open Source everyday themselves with a lot of success.

I should not be surprised by this reaction from core of Computer users who have recently gone through the education system or work environment here in United Kingdom in the past decades which has been heavily influenced by the big American Corporations to a point their propaganda machine keeps a tight control here.

So in the end here in the United Kingdom is full of Window Users who ended up with a closed minds towards anything which not produced by a Software Corporation to a point they will not even try anything else or even consider an alternatives.

Sadly the Window users have fallen into the same trap as Apple users believing their way of doing things is only way to do things and both Windows and Apple users end up accepting poorly written, expensive software with all the problems as normal state of affairs.

Rather than those more enlightened users, not necessarily pure Open Source users, who realised that computing can be far more open and it is better to use the appropriate software and operating systems for their purposes and needs which includes Windows, Apple and even Linux.

The irony in all this these enlightened and more open minded computer users, like myself, end up with a far more positive experience of computing and far more productive even more creative than those close minded Windows Users who continue to labour under the misconception their way is the only way to do things.

In the end people like myself will continue to prove them wrong by our actions even if they are not prepared to open their minds, ears even eyes. Plus people like myself will eventually move forward as we will end up using our computers far more effectively.

So in the end my actions say far more about me as does their continued closed minds say about them as people.

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At the start of this week after talking to a Microsoft Rep at work about their Windows 8 Operating System and the current problems my partner is having with Windows Vista reminded what was wrong with both Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating systems is that they are not invisible!

Now you may think this is a strange thing to say but if you think about what the operating system should be actually doing in so much it is a frame work and user interface to make a computer in to a productive and creative tool. So in actual fact on a computer an operating system should fade into the background in so much it is easy to use and only maintenance which needed to be done on it are routine and automatic tasks which should run in the background with little or not disturbance to the user using it.

Both Microsoft Window’s and Apples Operating Systems fail on both counts in so much both are high maintenance operating systems which need constant tweaks to keep going at their optimum performance and both are extremely vulnerable to errors and malware, just Apple is better at hiding such things.

The upshot of which the user has to waste more time both just maintaining the operating system and fixing a constant stream of bugs and security problems both operating systems throw up constantly. All this eats into the time the user could be productive and create and defeat the whole point of an operating system that is to fade in to the background.

But as I keep saying both Microsoft and Apple have both hyped up the importance of their operating systems but both simply do not deliver operating systems which are usable, stable and low maintenance which unnecessary dominate the users time in maintenance and issued caused by the said operating systems.

But as always the large majority of users out there are blinded by the advertising and propaganda produced both by Microsoft and Apple and far too lazy or apathetic to look elsewhere or force both companies to actually produce decent operating system!

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When it comes out I still think that Windows 9 will still not be answer to the prayers to the current Windows xp users even with the return of the menu, start button and real desktop as it will still be Windows 8 in the background with all it’s associated problems. That is it’s associated problems with updates, security and customization which have always been part of Windows 8.

I suspect that Windows 9 will not cure any of the current security and associated software problems plus I suspect even with Microsoft’s claim the foot print of the operating system is going to be smaller it’s hardware requirements will still be bigger than any other operating system on the market including Apple.

So once again users will have to spend more on their new hardware or throw away so called outdated hardware which frankly is the greatest crime as the hardware they are currently using is far from spent so it’s a waste of money and resources. After all look at Apple’s computers they may be expensive but their operating system make better use of the hardware so the hardware last a lot longer so waste less resources in the long run.

I am still of the view we are serviced by a retail industry centred and blinkered to just selling Windows Computers which is doing users, especially Windows xp users, a major disservice at a time when money is short and we should be careful with the use of our resources in general if we want to reduce our pollution footprint on the world.

I will keep saying this until someone out there wakes up to the fact that the best way for Windows xp users is to go towards the Linux root especially with Linux Mint with xfce desktop as it will mean that they can keep their old hardware and a desktop which is very familiar. Add to this an operating system which is as stable and friendly as Windows xp was with the added advantage Linux Mint has little or no security issues of Windows has always had.

This is all from personal experience as I have already converted at least two ex-Windows xp users who are using old hardware to Linux Mint with xfce desktop with a lot of success. One of these people now use the Linux machine over their Windows desktop simply because it is easier to use and actually does what it says on the packet. Much like Windows xp it simply works and the operating system fades into the background where it should be.

I know I keep beating the Linux drum and point out the short comings of Windows but someone has to as currently Windows users are really getting a bad time on the internet in so much they are constantly plagued with malware and viruses even constant update problems something which is not right!

Add to this people think this is perfectly normal experience of the computer and the internet but it not the case contrary to what Microsoft and computer industry want users to believe. But this is not the case as with right operating systems including Apple operating system the internet and computers are meant to be easy to use and not hard work Windows has made it!

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All I can say I think we will be seeing the swan song of Microsoft in next few decades as finally it succumbs to it’s own arrogance, lack of innovation and a corporate structure which does not have the ability to change with the changing world around it.

Though I suspect Microsoft will not be only mighty computer company to fall in the next few decades as all have not noticed the rise of likes of the Raspberry Pi Cheap Computer who is exposing both enthusiasts and new generation of computer users to the joys of real computing and just how easy Open Source Software is especially Linux.

But as always Microsoft and it’s associated big computer companies especially in the United States still believe they have the total domination of the computer market with those within industry who are too blind and still have faith in computer software which frankly is showing it’s age, lack of innovation and is the most prone to attack as in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

It is now only a matter of time before Microsoft and the like are going to have to change or be left behind to slowly sink into oblivion and obscurity which we are already seeing as the share of Microsoft Software on all devices included tablets has dropped under 20%. Add to this a pressure from governments within Europe, Russia and even China to start to replace the use of Microsoft Windows with Linux especially in government the pressure on Microsoft is only going to get worse over the next decades.

Though in a way Microsoft and associated United States Computer giants are victims of their own corporate structures and strategies which are both geared for profit and not innovation or flexibility plus the fact that NSA spying actives outside of the United States, especially in Europe, has meant that countries now simply do not believe or trust any software generated by the computer giants in the United States now!

If has gone so far in China they are not telling their people not to use computers with Microsoft Windows on and the government has started it’s own development of a Linux which ironically will have government back doors in it.

I suspect we are going to see a major shift in who actually dominates the computer software market over the next few decades as people slowly wake up as people get more exposure to Open Source software in the form of Android and Linux currently all helped by Microsoft’s current batch of Windows which are universally disliked once people actually use them.

But I still suspect the major computer players in computer industry, especially in the United States, will sit in their Ivory Towers in sheer arrogance believe they are still dominating the industry even as things start to fall around them!

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What has gone unreported are the recent actions of Microsoft in the United States where they under the pretence of protecting their users from spam email ceased 23 domains from the dynamic DNS supplier Noip. I suspect those outside of the computer industry and hobbies like myself would not think it was that important to report.

But it should have been reported as Microsoft’s actions caused millions of users of Noip no end of trouble and heart age and accused the likes of myself and Noip of being responsible for the spam on their mail systems. This regardless of the fact Noip I suspect watches it systems very closely and I am totally innocent of such charges.

Add to this the fact that Microsoft thought it had the right to take the domains in the first place smacks in the face of our liberty and freedoms as human beings and civilized society. Just think of what Microsoft did they legally stole the domains which damaged millions of users and business web sites in the process!

They did this without thought of the consequences and with the arrogance of a company which thinks it is still important and big player in the computer industry. Plus it put itself above the basic human rights and freedoms we all have fought for.

We have to ask the question of Microsoft, even if done with the best intentions, what does gave them the right to police the web?

My personal view and observations of Microsoft by attempting to cease these domains rather than actually improve their security they are showing they have lost control of their section of the internet which is now so riddled down to their operating system with viruses and malware to a point users who use their systems now do not get a good experience of the internet any more.

Personally this is just another example of how desperate Microsoft are to remain a big player and regardless of the right noises they make of being more open they still do the same old dodgy and underhand business practices just a little more quietly!

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I know I have said this before but it has to be said again as it seams people both users and within the computer industry themselves are not getting it!

When is someone actually going to wake up and do something about the major security issues connected to the Window operating system especially in the domestic environment?

It currently as if the average user thinks it is perfectly normal that they have computer system which is constantly under attack from hackers, criminal and those disenchanted by the establishment itself. All made worse they have to almost yearly spend money to have an expert to clean their machine because yet again it has been effected by malware or viruses yet again!

Now I am not only one who must remember a decades ago when computing and surfing the internet was not an exercise in dodging those sites containing pop-ups or even potential threats to your computer including scammers. It almost as if for Windows users the internet has become a mine field to a point of becoming unusable for the unsuspecting out there.

What makes this whole situation even worse is the inaction of the major computer companies and governments to tackle this situation if anything they seam incapable or willing to do anything about a situation if occurred elsewhere they would be quick to stamp out. After all what is happing is without question is criminal and extracting hard earned money off people.

Then add to this not everyone who surfs the web currently have the same experience there are a whole group of users outside of Windows users who have a completely different experience of the web, one of which is much as it was a decade ago for Window users that is scammer, malware and virus free. I am talking Android, Apple and Linux users who enjoy a virus, malware and scammer free web experience with only the occasional attacks which are always put down quickly, quietly with little real damage to the users experience.

So I must not be only one out there who has to start to question just why does Microsoft and the major computer companies out there are not doing anything to curve the constant attacks on Windows users or even making a real effort to make their experience on the internet better for their users?

After all if other operating system creators can why cannot Microsoft follow suit?

Then the biggest question being just why are governments, especially in the West, not doing anything effective against the so called cybercriminals our there?

This last question sort of makes you think big time!

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With the passing of Steve Balmer from Microsoft it seams that it is changing for the better with more realistic view of their position within the computer industry, unlike the large majority of it’s less enlightened supporters who still live in the dark ages of Microsoft.

It helps that Microsoft have put a software engineer not a businessman back at the helm of their company as yes corporations have to make money but it is way they make money which can cause a lot of problems for their customers and the way Microsoft was run under Steve Balmer was definitely bad for Microsoft customers!

There is a faint hope that now post Steve Balmer Microsoft will treat it users and products with more respect rather than treating them as cash cows to get the money out of them ignore them once they have their money as in the past!

So far from what I have seen little has changed there though to be fair it is early days as far as change within Microsoft but there is already signs of change the way Microsoft sells it’s products in so much as long last they have finally realised they as company do not live in glorious isolation or totally dominate the computer market any more.

The fact now Microsoft have finally had to admit that Open Source software and tablets exist does look as if finally they are going in the right direction again. All helped by the quick appearance of Office 365 on Apple’s iPad and talk by Microsoft of Android come Linux versions of Office 365 which will be a god send for Microsoft as if they continued in their old direction would of put their future survival in question.

It really looks like Microsoft could of turned a corner and finally back on course of going back to the company which leads the computer industry with new ideas rather than a joke it had become under Steve Balmer within the computer industry itself. But it is still early days for Microsoft and much like many modern companies they can quickly fall back into their old ways in pursuit of profit regardless.

What I find even more comical are those outside of Microsoft who blindly follow Microsoft who claim changes in Microsoft was already happening under Steve Balmer as it really shows an almost criminal naivety about way modern companies work.

Add to this they keep harking on about the good Microsoft did, conveniently forgetting the damage and heart ache Microsoft have caused it customers over the same time which far outweigh any good stuff they have done. But as always the people in question tend to be outside of the Information Technology industry itself and frankly ignorant about those who use computers for real work not playing with computers!

So the biggest question is just why do Windows Users accept the situation as they would not if they had constant problems with their cars or other electrical equipment!

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Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

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Working where I do and seeing the constant stream of Computers from Windows Users, who have up to date Security, whose computers are full of viruses and malware you start to think just how secure the Windows Operating systems truly are!

After all considering the fact computers are used a bit more I’d expect more problems with viruses and the such but not on the scale I see week on week to a point it almost starting to look a joke.

All this made worse by the fact users think this is perfectly normal situation when you own a computer and use it on the internet as they do not know better.

But both Apple and Linux users know it is not the case as they do very similar things as Windows users, even the stupid things, and very rarely suffer from the same virus and malware issues as windows users.

The reasons may be slightly different for both Apple and Linux users but both users would not accept the same problems Windows users have with viruses and malware as they know the situation is simply not expectable or normal for computer users full stop!

So the biggest question is just why do Windows Users accept the situation as they would not if they had constant problems with their cars or other electrical equipment!

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As we all know Microsoft is about to end the support for Windows xp and as we have been told again and again means that windows xp is not going to be as secure because there will be no more security updates.

But this is only word of true anyone has been saying about the whole demise of Windows xp the rest of what is being said is basically a lot of lies, half truths and scare stories put about by those who want to sell you something or out of sheer ignorance.

It annoys me as the vultures circle around the Windows xp users trying to woo or scare them into buying their products rather than give them the advice they actually need to make an informed choice of what to do next.

There is one major flaw in these people arguments that Windows xp will not be secure after Microsoft redraw their support, would hold out if the current versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems were secure themselves even with constant updates. But the truth is even with the constant updates and up to date security software not one of the Microsoft Windows operating systems are that secure.

Myself from personal experience on a Tech Desk we now see far more post Windows xp computers than actual Windows xp computers which have been infected with viruses and malware regardless of the claim of Microsoft that their newer operating systems are more secure, it is simply not true.

The other lie that is going around it is cheaper and easier for a Microsoft Windows xp user to upgrade to Windows 8 than other operating systems which frankly is not true. In truth it is going to be as difficult either way for the Microsoft Windows xp user to upgrade up to new operating system full stop.

Either way a Windows xp user is going to have problems with any software they used on their old system in so much either way they are going to have to invest in new software to run on their new computers whatever route they take. Something forgotten by those who are claiming the Microsoft Windows 8 route is easiest way to upgrade as in the case of Microsoft Office this is not a cheap option which can certainly add to the costs of upgrading. Basically they want to gloss over such matters until they have the poor Windows xp in the process of actually upgrading.

Strangely mostly because of need of computers of all types to interchange data more easily the least problem the Windows xp user will have is transferring their data to the new computer.

Though if the Linux route is taken by Windows xp user it has one advantage in so much they can use their existing hardware and Open Source software so in the end, with some help, is the cheapest route to go. There is a bonus in the long term as it will also save the windows xp user more money and they end up with a more secure system.

As for staying with windows xp to be frank considering the major security issues the later versions of Microsoft Windows currently suffer, something Microsoft and it’s retailers play down, frankly currently it is no worse than upgrading to newer version of Windows. Though one thing windows xp users will have to contend with is newer software running on their computers simply not working as developers use newer features within the Windows Operating system itself. In the end it will be this which is more highly likely force the Windows xp user to upgrade.

In conclusion, contrary to the propaganda by Microsoft and those who sell Microsoft products, regardless if the Windows xp user decides to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8, Apple or even Linux all are going to be as difficult as each other for different reasons.

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At work today I had the misfortune to try to set up customer computers running Microsoft Windows 8 something I did with little success mainly because I really could not get on with the new desktop after using older Windows and various Linux Distributions.

I could not get on with Windows 8 desktop as it simply is not usable, intuitive or even remotely friendly to use if you want to do anything closely linked to maintenance of your computer. Those of us who have used Windows in the past know that to keep a Windows Computer running at it’s best you need to constantly maintain the operating system to keep it running at it’s optimum speed.

Don’t get me wrong Windows 8 is great for using the computer but that is assuming you did not want to do anything remotely cleaver or to do with maintenance. Then Windows 8 shows it’s greatest weakness in so much it is a confusing to use to a point it is almost impossible to navigate around the computer other than doing a search which frankly an arse about tit way to navigate around a computer operating system. It at this point you discover just what a real pain a lack of a real menu system is on the new Windows operating system.

In the for me and a lot others Windows 8 is not a pleasure to use as the previous windows but a chore and if any thing so user unfriendly myself and other simply cannot be bothered or want to buy machines loaded with Windows 8.

If anything in effort to produce a cleaver, innovative looking operating system in Windows 8 all Microsoft have done is produced an operating system which makes computing and computer use a chore not the fun it should be!

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The question that has to ask who told everyone in the first place that Microsoft Windows was the industry standard operating system?

As those of us who have worked for years in the information technology industry especially on the development side certainly have not anyone within the industry itself who have actually said this!

I suspect it is one of these myths perpetuated by Microsoft itself and those high up in the information technology industry who fell for the marketing of Microsoft or even blatantly bribed by them.

The real truth is Microsoft Windows has always been and will be one of large number of personal computer to mainframe operating systems used by the information industry and it’s customers. The only reason it has even become more important that it actually is, is because of general public perception du to lack of choice in the retail market.

All very cleaver on Microsoft’s part but far from the truth as Windows is one of many operating system not the industry standard used by the information industry!

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It could be very interesting times ahead for Microsoft on the business side of computing market especially with their latest release of operating system Windows 8 which still is not widely used in the business as businesses are only just upgrading to Windows 7 most putting off the upgrade to Windows 8.

What is coming clear is that from people who actually use Windows 8 both in a business and development environment it is poorly suited for such uses as Windows 8 makes such use very difficult indeed even if everything is left on a cloud.

Basically Windows 8 is a good operating system for a tablet and touch screen devices but as a serious operating system and on non-touch laptops it is extremely poor operating system because it is not that easy to use when you need to do something a little more interesting. This is also true of Windows 8.1 which is much the same as the previous operating system with a start button and few little useful tweaks.

This will spell trouble for Microsoft’s Windows 8 within the business and development environments in the future even if Microsoft try to encourage business users towards and cloud environment after all it lack of real stability and ease of use is not going to go down well in such environments. Plus add to this companies who have spent millions of pounds/dollars on server systems are not going to reinvest in a cloud based system just because Microsoft say they should. They may be a big company but once again they are going to find other companies do not like being forced to change and will kick back. Microsoft has learnt this lesson in the past when companies nearly dropped their operating system because Microsoft wanted to force companies to upgrade on a change of operating system.

In conclusion Microsoft will have to do something about Windows 8 to make it more attractive and usable in a business abd development environments as in it current state it is next to useless and not stable for such environments. If they fail to do so they will open the flood gates for use of Open Source Operating Systems and Software especially in Europe which is already occurring as I write this.

This could be possible end of Microsoft as a serious contender within the business and development environments if they fail to change their current direction!

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Microsoft’s seemly success which has resulted in an increase of it’s profits is all false as simply is not sold in a real free and open market within the retail sector of both in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Simply put between both the retailers who too afraid to do anything new and Microsoft literacy bribing the retailers and manufacturers to only make and sell computers running the windows operating system which has resulted in the fact that the customer get no other choice but windows computers.

So in the end because of this lack of choice really dampens any real success Microsoft has in the market place as any competition has been suppressed in the retail market itself. It would be interesting to see how Microsoft could actually cope with a real open market in computers.

I doubt if they could survive long in their current form as in a real open market of tablets Microsoft are struggling against likes of Apple, Android and beyond simply because the products they produce simply are not special and if anything very underwhelming.

If the consumers were given the same informed choice of operating systems on computers in general I really doubt Microsoft would be as successful as customers really would like an alternative to Windows 8.1 as a large majority users simply dislike it.

Personally it is high time the computer market was opened up and governments both in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States forced the retailers to open up the market to remove the strangle hold of Microsoft and give customers a real choice within the retail market!

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Is Microsoft a Spent Force?

Posted: 5 September, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

As Microsoft woes continue continue to multiply not helped by poor management and business strategy over the past few years under it’s CEO Steve Ballmer I think I am not only one who is starting to wonder if Microsoft even has a real and viable future as a vendor of computer operating systems or office systems.

After all both Open Source operating systems and software, especially in Europe, is snapping at it’s heals as people both within and outside of the computer industry are slowly switching on to the fact that open source gives them the stability, flexibility and most important cost effectiveness that Microsoft could never give them.

Add to this Microsoft’s failure under Steve Ballmer to actually be innovative and move forward concentrating on it existing it’s legacy operating system and office systems. Then rather than modifying them they change the front ends in an attempt to give them a more modern look in the hope that people keep buying their legacy software.

Only now is Microsoft by buying sections of Nokia which create their smart phones, creation of the Surface tablet and producing Microsoft branded products is trying to move forward but I suspect that all this is far too late for Microsoft who have missed the boat of the Smart phone and Tablet market as other companies who actually were on the ball, including Google and Samsung, have made great strives forward in the same time.

I must not be only one, including investors in Microsoft, think that it will take a miracle for Microsoft to get themselves out the hole it has dug itself into and certainly will not do it under the current leadership of Steve Ballmer. It is certainly going to take more than just buying companies who create smart phones and tablet technology for Microsoft to get out of it current malaise but a fundamental way it does it’s business and develops it’s products with an eye for the future and not for quick profit as it currently does.

At the moment Microsoft’s future is far from rosy as it is regarded as a legacy computer company producing legacy operating systems and office systems with rejuvenated front ends to make them look more modern. All this is a background of the growing force of more innovative open source software revolution makes Microsoft’s future in current state very uncertain indeed!