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Once again the Conservative Government here in the United Kingdom are doing exactly the same set of policies to combat the recession much as the last time by cutting and privatising services including likes of National Health Service even the Post Office.

After the last time the Conservative Government tried this method of fighting a recession we ended up with poor services, higher taxes and crippling bills. All in all we were worse off I the end. It did work for a short while the economy flourished but it was only temporary fix as the government failed to tackle the underlying weakness of the Western Capitalism which is driven by pure greed and a short sighted view point.

So decades later we found ourselves in exactly the same position which if anything was far worse as the Credit Crunch highlighted once again the weakness of the Western Economies and Capitalism. That is it still driven by pure greed and short sighted view point, if anything the corruption and ineptitude of those in power has made whole situation far worse and last longer than it should of.

What the current Conservative Government are doing to fight the current economic situation much like the last time really does not cure the underlying issues of the Western Capitalism but papers on the cracks so those in power still keep their power and money at the expense of the people in general. By not doing anything different they are not solving anything just temporary fixing the situation and setting up the Western World for a even bigger fall sometime in the future.

The Conservatives both here in the United Kingdom and the United States are destroying Western Society as we know it by their policies because they allowing those in power to keep their money and power regardless of the fact their conservationism and greed is killing our society.

In my view it is time to try something different and radical as things cannot go on as they are as they will result in a society which doomed for failure again. We need to change direction way we deal with the recession and the way we do business on a very fundamental basis.

Our current situation will not be solved by some old policies as I believe they will simply will not work and we will find ourselves in worse place in the future. It is time to do something different so we in the West and Worldwide can really move on to new and different future which will be far brighter than we currently have.

It now has become a matter of survival of our Society even as we know it!

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My England!

Posted: 4 March, 2015 in Comment, England, Life, United Kingdom

I watched an advert on British Television describing just why England was a wonderful place to visit. All the images they used were those of a traditional England of Football, Rugby, Afternoon Tea and even Morris men.

And the first thing that came to my mind was none of these traditional images of England really applied to our modern England any more if anything painted a false and highly idealistic picture of the country. When I was born some 50 years ago these images would of still had a place in imaginary of England.

But in modern England they have become an archaic and not truly representative of a country which has moved on though totally without problems towards a far more colourful and dynamic place where races and cultures live in relative peace and now contribute to the culture here.

My personal view if we were truly to attract people to this country it might be a better idea to highlight the fact that Modern England has moved on from it’s idealised traditions of the past and now is far more dynamic melting pot of cultures, religions and people.

Now that is my England not the traditional England as portrayed by the advert which in my opinion both does not reflect and does a real injustice to what England is now!

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