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2017: The Year That Was!

Posted: 31 December, 2017 in 2017, Comment, Life

Once again I sit at home waiting for the end of an old year, 2017, and new year, 2018, looking forward to a new year with some hope that it will be a better year ahead.

Though it is certainly going to difficult year for certain people especially those who are too afraid to move forward and accept the world has moved on as I feel the new year is going to be the year when those who want to move forward will finally get the opportunity too.

2018 should be year when the world moves on and finally leaves old world behind as I suspect there are growing number of people in the world who want to move on a brighter future and they will start to become very vocal about the fact they will.

Myself 2018 will be a year of change for me as I am fed up of being held back by those people around me who too afraid to move on and have a very negative effect on my life. It is time I started to ignore them and cut them out of my life totally as they have no real contribution to my life. I have allowed these people to influence my life when I should of simply told them to go away or ignore them totally.

I do have a number of plans for 2018 which include getting a new job, learn to become a story teller and set up a new role-playing group all in effort to give myself a new challenges to my life which recently has become static and certainly not a real challenge. It will also give me the much needed kick to my life so it can finally start to move forward.

In the end regardless of what the world around me does in 2018 I am going to move on and leave the world around me behind and make my own personal world far more brighter, imaginative and forward looking personal world.

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Change of Tack!

Posted: 3 January, 2017 in 2017, Comment, Life

I have done my angry year in 2016 so now strangely calm and focused on more positive things!

It seams people will not listen or act when the world around them is bad so in the end I have come to the conclusion let them as they will lose out in the end. I have allowed them to colour my life for far too long and they simply need to be left behind.

Myself I will move forward in 2017 leaving an establishment, a government and people who are not willing to move forward behind and make them irrelevant in my life once and for all time.

So this year I will start to search for better ways to do things that is the way I earn my living, live my life and being creative and turn my back on those people around me who cannot or will not move forward with their lives on all levels.

What is become apparent in this modern world of ours we do have real choices and do not have to be victims of the system around us but it is not easy path to follow but we still have the choice to live our lives how we want to.

In the end we do not have to totally surrender to what is happening around us but adapt it to our personal needs as things may be bad but dwelling on them will not help us in the end.

But this does not mean I will keep quiet about the injustices, inhumanity and immorality happening in the world I will just be a bit more focused who I tell that I am unhappy about it as I simply not bothering any more with those who will lot listen or turn a blind eye to things.

This may sound a harsh thing to say but I am now only really interested in people around me who have open minds and hearts as I am not going to waste my time on those with closed minds or hearts.

I need to start to really grow in 2017 as a person and I need to have a solid base with people who inspire me rather than make me feel terrible because of their closed minds and insecurities!

This is one of those times when I wish I could write so much better something I am really going to do something about this year.

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