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It must be few years now I have stopped using Microsoft Windows and started to use Linux on all my computers.

And to be frank it has been best thing I have ever done on the computer in my life as I have said before I now enjoy a relatively problem free computer use without the constant maintenance, stability and virus issues of Microsoft Windows.

On top of which with the use of an ever growing and improving Open Source Software library on the internet I have managed in the last few years to do things which I could only of dreamt of on a Microsoft Windows computer. It has allowed me to mess around and experiment what I can do with my computer at home on a computer stable and forgiving enough not to have to reset the computer because something has gone wrong.

What it means in the end as far as I am concerned is that I will never use Microsoft Windows again here at home as I would now find it as an operating system very limited, to unstable and at a great variance how I use my computer now.

I would not recommend everyone should ditch their Microsoft Windows Computers but for people like myself who want to do more than just use a computer for more than surfing the web, word processing, that is basic stuff but for people like myself who want to do more and more interesting things on their computer it is a must.

My next purchase of a computer will either be a build my own in the case of a desktop or a bare bone computer simply because I will get hardware which will support Linux or any other operating system I require.

I have left Windows behind forever!

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Apple have surprisingly giving it’s next upgrade of operating system, Maverick, absolutely free!

I know that Apple operating systems have always been cheap but it is still unusual for a big American Corporation to give something for free. It may be on Apple’s part a very cleaver move on their part realising the future direction of the software industry or simply a very good marketing ploy.

Either way it is yet another nail in Microsoft’s Windows 8 coffin in so much now at £100 pounds for Windows 8.1 it makes Windows one of the few domestic operating systems which is now not free. If anything it makes it look expensive especially now with both Apple and Linux operating systems are now free.

Myself I have to start to wonder, even with Microsoft recent increase of profits, just how long Microsoft and other major software writes can really survive in a computer world becoming more dominated by free software and operating systems including Open Source Software!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.

I am at my partner’s parents this week and while here her father watched to me to show him how to install Linux onto an old vista laptop slightly past it windows sell by date. So as it was only Linux I had to hand I went through the installation of Crunchbang 11 on the laptop to which he was impressed just how easy it was to install modern Linux’s now.

If you know Crunchbang Linux you can customise the desktop look and menus I set up the desktop very similar to my current desktop on my own laptop shaggy. This part probably mystified him as it is a lot of editing of text files but the results are always very is satisfying. I also loaded up all the software packages he may need all of which were included bar around two in Crunchbang.

So now I have left him a laptop which looks similar to windows with the usual Linux bent to it which he can explore and find out just how to use Linux in anger or just have an old Windows Vista Laptop which is now usable once again.

But one thing that struck him all the way through was just how usable even a set up Crunchbang Linux was and the fact it used the resources on the Laptop infinity better than Windows Vista ever did. Lets put it this was the Linux sound drivers used the speakers on the said laptop so much better along with number of other bits of hardware.

All this proves is that it takes a gentle push to convert the growing number of dissatisfied Windows users out there towards Linux or someone to show them Linux is not the bugbear both Apple and Microsoft claims it to be!

After using Linux for over a year now with a fraction of the problems and issues I had when I used Microsoft Windows other than issues both of my own making and poorly written third party software.

In these years contrary to those within the Computer Industry and those users who have fell for the propaganda within the said Computer Industry I have done exactly the same as I would of done if I had a Windows Computer. If anything I have managed to do more things on my Linux computers which could not of been done in Windows because of the limits Microsoft puts on it’s own operating systems!

I have also fun in these years Linux again contrary to the propaganda from within the Computer Industry is no harder to use or set up than Windows itself as some of the Linux Distributions look remarkably the same as Windows XP or even Apple o/s.

I am and I will continue to drive this point home to people out there as it needs to be done so as this point needs to be continually hammered out to computer users out there especially those users who are not happy with Microsoft Windows 8 and those Windows xp users dreading the upgrade to newer Windows operating systems.

The point being computer users do have a real choice of operating systems out there and the big Computer Companies are denying you the right of this choice by spreading lies and misinformation about alternative operating systems and software!

Once again here my partner’s Windows computer is playing up yet again less than a month after it was reset because of a previous problem. This in turn yet another set of problems which have occurred regularly with her Windows computer some of which have also meant the computer has been reset yet again.

It has got so bad here even my partner is now considering removing Windows of her computers and replacing it with Linux because of the constant problems she has had with Windows xp and Windows 7 on two separate computers. It was much the same reason why I removed Windows off my own three computers.

This got me thinking just why do people continue to put themselves through this hell?

This is regardless of the growing number of people like myself who made the jump to Linux who have found our experience with computers has become less stressful and problematic. Add to this we keep telling everyone and show by example over time Linux gives exactly the same functionality as Windows without the constant problems and with as wide range of software packages.

But because the large majority of computer users are nether given the choice of operating system by the retailers, fell for the propaganda of the Computer Industry itself or sheer plain ignorance or sheep mentality they will continue to put themselves through the hell of windows and Microsoft will continue to produce the poor operating system because of this.

As I have said before it is about time people woke up to what is going on and actually listened to those who use computers with alternative operating systems that there is a real viable choices out there regardless of what the big computer industry corporations are saying as they are blatantly lying to them about the lack of choice!

Simply Linux gives me back both the magic and control back which has been sadly missing with the more mainstream operating systems.

People like myself with the more mainstream computer operating systems have missed the fact we had more control over the operating system, software and desktop we had with the older computing operating systems something Linux gives us back. The one thing modern operating systems, other than Linux, do not allow you to do this, that is to customise them or even have control over the operating system itself.

Linux and it’s ilk gives us back a much missed control and customisation over the computer operating system and the computer itself. Add to this an added satisfaction of actually working with computer on a lower level, creating our own desktops even down to installing your own combination of packages on the computer itself.

Linux is ideal for people like myself hobbyist computer enthusiasts who love to tinker with computer software and computers in general. As the Raspberry Pi success has shown I am not only one be it young or old who have missed tinkering with computers.