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There are two questions usually asked me by a World of Warcraft Player about Second Life which are:

* Is Second Life a game?
* Does Second Life have Quests etc.?

Which the answers are a no which is usually greeted by total bewilderment on the World of Warcraft Player who then asks the question, What is Second Life?

When you then explain that Second Life is a Virtual World created by it’s residents who live a Second Virtual Life there that is usually met by total and utter bewilderment on their part!

It seams that a large proportion of World of Warcraft players actually have no real concept of a virtual world unless it is highly structured within a game. This is a little sad on their part because they are perpetuating this myth about people who spend a lot of time in MMO and virtual worlds as social misfits!

Irony is within Second Life you have to have social skills to get a full and satisfying time within Second Life!


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