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In The Clouds!

Posted: 21 February, 2014 in Cloud, Computer, Software

I have started to use a cloud at home to save documents on to a second drive and allow me to work on them on two computers without having to move the files between the computers. It is working well and makes my life easier and gives me something I have not had in a while a constant backing up of my work. Too many times in the past I have lost work because a hard drive or computer failed. The cloud is certainly making my life easier and helping me here to be creative without the worries.

Once again Open Source software has come to my aid with a simple and easy to use software package called ownCloud which was quick and easy to set up though you do need to know how to set up an Apache Web Server. Though anyone who is using Linux will already have the knowledge and wherefore all to set up likes of Apache and so on.

Other than a few glitches ownCloud has been doing its job here wonderfully all made better by the facts that some of the plug-ins which have allowed me to have a calendar, synchronise my Firefox browsers even share my files on my own server free from a third parties external servers.

All means I once again have even more control over my private data as it is on my own computers not some third party server run by a corporation which frankly in our current environment on the internet most people don’t trust their data to corporations been compromised by likes of the NSA.

Would I recommend someone who want access to a cloud use ownCloud?

Indeed I would as like all Open Source Software it is free, gives you more control over your data and wonderful set of plug-ins which allow you to have calendars and the such. Though it is not perfect and has it’s glitches but most are minor and annoying but it is very functional and stable for the majority of the time. The creators of ownCloud are improving it all the time so hopefully with time it will be even better.

The main web page of ownCloud is worth a checkout and is at the url

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