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A Hefty Dose of Irony To This!

Posted: 31 March, 2011 in Google, Microsoft

This has to be the most ironic bit of news to come out of the BBC in so much that Microsoft is taking Google complaint to EU about the fact that Google used its dominant position in the search market to restrict the growth of Microsoft services.

Those of us who have followed Microsoft’s activities in EU will quickly understand why this is so ironic as it was not so long ago that Microsoft was heavily fined by EU for similar practices with their IE Browser and lost big time because it was trying to dominate the Browser market in EU using very similar methods.

It seems that Microsoft is very happy to dominate the Computer Operating market in EU using underhand practices but do not like the same done back to them!

My personal opinion of this situation is what Google is allegedly doing is wrong but they do not have a real choice but to do so because of Microsoft’s underhand business activities to keep domination in the software industry now and in the past.

This is a definite case of two wrongs do not make a right but Microsoft has regularly used such underhand practices in it’s rise of dominance in the software industry so it should really expect other companies like Google to follow suit!


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