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This weekend I finally got around to updating the Linux on my small laptop to newer linux mainly because the Crunchbang Linux currently on the laptop was slowing down which was all due to my use and abouse over the past few years. Add to this I had issues updating Crunchbang because of issues with AMD’s Catalyst driver as one day they may get around to making this an easier process but I’d not hold my breath.

So I decided to bite the bullet and load up the next incarnation of Crunchbang Linux which is BunsenLabs Linux based on newer Debain called Jessie and still uses a slightly modified Openbox desktop.

Other than a number of issues which were easily corrected by little research and replacing number of packages used, the whole process was painless as I previously found when I loaded Crunchbang on the same laptop. I have ended up with a laptop which once again which is very usable and flexible for a low specification laptop even to a point of getting even more out of the hardware than Crunchbang Linux did.

The only major issues I had were usual issues you even get with Windows and hardware with allowing hardware going into sleep mode which always causes the laptop to lock totally or lose it’s network connections with only option to unlock the laptop is to switch it off. I also had issue with the screen saver going into a lock screen which also caused major issues and it had to be replaced with previous screen saver package used by Crunchbang Linux.

Once this issues were fixed and using Debain’s native AMD graphic card drivers rather than using AMD drivers themselves, I am initially finding my whole experience with BunsenLabs Linux has been a very good experience indeed. This is at a great contrast when I used the actual Debain 8 which turned out to be a big disappointment with major desktop and performance issues to a point I had to stop using it.

I would recommend that both current Crunchbang uses and the more savoy computer users who are looking for their first Linux that they go towards BunsenLabs Linux even in it’s current first release form as it is very usable, customisable and certainly gets the best out of the computer hardware.

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