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What is happening in the Ukraine I am finding very sad but not surprised with it at all after Russia’s actions in the Crimea. It does strike me and the rest of the world that once again President Putin is setting up a situation in Eastern Ukraine to annex another part of the country under the false pretences of liberating the Russians from the evil fascists of Kiev!

But I must not be only one looking in from the outside thinking the same as yes there are government building are being taken over in Eastern Ukraine by Pro-Russians forces but the numbers of people actually involved seams not be be in the thousands but hundreds and where are the people marching for autonomy in the region?

It normal people of the region seam remarkably quiet over the whole situation be they Russian or Ukrainian bar a very vocal minority. The whole situation is starting to look like a well organised minority who have been armed and directly supported by Russians in high places both in the government and military.

This is at total variance to the official Russian line who say it is people of Eastern Ukraine who are speaking not them though this message is a blatant lie considering the build up of Russian troops on the Ukrainian boarder.

I think it is time the world stopped focusing on Ukraine problem itself to actually deal with true problem surrounding Russia itself of which the Crimea and Ukraine are the symptoms of the problem.

We as the world should start to condemn the actions of president Putin and his government as a whole as they have shown themselves to be open aggressive and expansionist as a country in the mould of the old Russia under the Tzars.

All this talk of NATO getting closer to them is just excuse of Putin and his cronies to retake back those countries who won their independence after the break up of the USSR. Putin and his cronies what power in the old sense in so much they want to rule a powerful Empire so they can become ever richer and have more influence over the world.

President Putin and his government are the most dangerous sort of government which we hope we saw the last of with Hitler in Nazi Germany that is a government with grand idea they are going to rule the world stooping so low as to use force and bullying to get their own way.

It is time the world as a whole stood up to President Putin and said as one we will not accept such old fashioned behaviour any more in a modern progressive world and once again should strive to blunt Putin talons by cutting off his access to the world markets which they depend on to survive.

If we allow President Putin to annex Eastern Ukraine no other ex-Eastern block country including the Baltic States will be safe from Russian aggression and expansionism!

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