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Currently I am trying to search for Role-Players in my local area so I can restart both running and playing Role-Playing Games something I have not done in over 10 years mostly because I have been more busy fighting my depression rather than following my hobbies.

So in the end I allowed my hobbies to slip over the past years which frankly was not the best idea of mine so now I have finally decided to start off my hobbies again, all in the effort to rebuild my social life again.

But currently like most things in my life it is more difficult to find local Role-Players than I expected even with the internet which in itself is very ironic though not surprising considering that computer games have hit table top Role-Playing badly. After all people have become lazy over the years and now rather play a computer game rather than the effort of Role-Playing regardless of the fact Role-Playing can create far more entertaining stories when done right.

But this time I will not give up at the first fall but pick myself up as the note in the local gaming shop has not worked sadly. So I am joining a number of Role-Playing forums in the hope I will find Role-Players out there. It looks like it is going to be a long campaign in itself to find Role-Players.

If anyone out there has any other good ideas how I could find local Role-Players will be greatly appreciated my end.

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