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This is journal entry is a reminder to friends and those who want to know more about my personal view of my life that I now never post personal statuses about my life on the mainstream social networks, the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but on closed social networks, the likes of Anybeat and Friends by Gas Light.

This is because I do not trust the security and privacy of the mainstream social networks, especially Facebook which has in the past and it is still doing at the moment that is abusing their position of trust to sell personal and private data to third parties including corporations and governments. It is not that I have anything to hide but it is the fact that they have broken the trust between providers and users by making a profit at the expense of people’s privacy.

So now I only use these social networks to bang my political drum and promote my local role-playing group though on the rare occasion to broadcast something important to all my friends there. There you will not get a view of my more personal side of my life including my taste in music and photographs of our dogs etc.

The more personal statuses and views of life are made in closed social networks where my privacy is respected plus the networks in question are not run for profit but so people can socialise on real terms free from the pressures and falsehoods of the mainstream social networks. I also feel less constrained what I can say because of their very nature they are closed networks with people who are more likely to like myself so they will be less likely to take what I say the wrong way.

So if those out there want to see a more personal view of my life at the moment you will have to join one of these closed social networks whose details are given below.

Currently I am member of two such closed social networks which are called Anybeat and Friends by Gas Light. Anyone can apply to join these social networks though new members have to be approved by the Administrators first before they can become part of the social networks.

Anybeat is a small social network using HumHub which describes itself as ‘Where drifting beatniks harbour….’ which is the latest incarnation of the Anybeat social network which has been around on and off for last few years. It is Administered by one Boot Sector who maintains the site I believe single handed. It is a good place to hang out with more liberal minded people which is small enough to be personal and I would recommend it.

Friends by Gas Light is my own personal social network which I host on a server at home again using HumHub which acts as place where I can socialise with friends and keep up with members of the local role-playing group, ‘The Enlightened Company of Role-Players of Stafford’, I am attempting to organise. The social network has unusually has two aspects depending on the group a new member joins on creation of their account. That is if a new member joins ‘The Proletariat (Members)’ group they will see the social aspect of the social network while if a new members joins ‘ The Proletariat (Players)’ will see the role-playing group aspect of the social network. Those who want to see more personal view of my life need to join ‘ The Proletariat (Members)’ group.

Please note on both social networks if you want to see my personal comments about life you need to add me as a friends.

The above sites are found at the following urls:

Friends by Gas Light:

So if you brave enough please join me on one of these social networks as I know Anybeat is always on the look out of new and interesting people.

For those of you are interested about the HumHub software used to create the two social networks just follow the link for more information:

Please Note: If you are interested in my home page just follow the link to The Abode of The Steam Powered Story Teller.

Please Note: If you are interested in my small social network just follow the link to Freinds by Gas Light!.

Please Note: If you are interested in my new venture a local role-playing group specialising in story telling systems just follow the link to The Enlightened Company of Role-Players of Stafford.