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What to Do Next?

Posted: 19 October, 2014 in career, Life

After months of deciding what to do as a new job because I think I am coming to end of my time at my current job on a personal level. It has done what I needed to do so it it getting high time for a new job with new challenges and more suited to my newly awakened creative side.

It’s not that I am struggling with my current job or even bad at it, if anything I am very good at my current job. But, there is a big but, it really does not stretch me enough intellectually or creatively plus I am not surrounded by people who inspire me and stress me because of their certain lack of motivation which is effecting me in a very negative way.

But the real problem at the moment I really have no idea in which direction I want my career to go in now rather than I get a job with gives me more money to give me better life style than I am currently living. Plus a lack of confidence because of my age in so much I am older than most people looking for new job and even with the anti-age legislation people like myself are discriminated against regardless of the fact we have far more experience and practicable skills than people half our age.

I have a few ideas including going back into Information Technology either on the Programming or Support side even with over 10 years out of the industry I know I can still bring a lot to such an employer especially with the direct customer experience over the last 10 years.

Currently I am open to suggestions to which direction my career will take because I am lost at what to do currently!

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