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With the release of Microsoft’s new and involved Windows 8 operating system called strangely and imaginatively named Windows 10 in July with all the associated comments and speculation about the Microsoft’s new offering to the computer world.

But what everyone generally agree is that it is really Microsoft’s last chance as a major software supplier for computers in the world and to recover from the disaster of Windows 8 and 8.1 which regardless of Microsoft’s propaganda machine really has not gone well with users world wide and really damaged the sales of hardware at a difficult time economically. Though to be fair this last issues has not been all Microsoft’s fault but the fault of computer industry and retailers being very conservative and sticking to Microsoft regardless of the damage it did to their industry and sales.

It does look as if Windows 10 does reverse and remover lot of the issues with Windows 8 and 8.1 in so much they have returned the start menu/button, though with annoying and unnecessary Metro menu along side it, and finally made the whole operating system smaller and simpler in the background. Add to this they have made the user interface more adaptive to the device it is run on so now desktop and laptop computers without touch screens will now have a more traditional windows desktop.

Basically Windows 10 is what Windows 8 and 8.1 should have been which would have been far more successful for Microsoft at a difficult time economically but I personally think it is too little too late for Microsoft as Windows 8 and 8.1 have damaged Microsoft’s standing both with Domestic and Business Users.

It may help Microsoft to gain some lost ground in the market but it has allowed others access to their target market which include Steam with their Steam OS, Linux based, with a major effort by large number of gaming companies now porting their games to Linux in preparation. Add to this now major hardware manufactures including HP and Dell now regularly producing and selling Ubuntu based hardware.

My view along with other people is that we will eventually see the importance of Microsoft’s Operating Systems both in the domestic and business market, especially in Europe and the Far East, slowly fade away as more and more people slowly wake up the fact that there is alternative called Linux which is free and less prone to virus and malware issues.

All helped by the fact that profile of Linux worldwide is on the rise mostly by word of mouth and in some governments in Europe actively replacing Window computers with Linux computers. Add to this while Microsoft have been having issues the creators of Linux and it’s distributions have been moving forward quietly and positively fashion improving the users experience of Linux in past few years.

It must not of gone unnoticed by everyone that Microsoft is now talking to creators of Ubuntu even inviting them to a confidence. Sort of say it all after all Microsoft and industry in general have no choice to take both Linux and Open Source software seriously now!

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